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How To Build in progress... help with 9 fans to connect...


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Oct 22, 1999
Phanteks Evolv X case
Asus Maximus Hero XI
EVGA 2080ti
Corsair mem
Seasonic 850 Titanium PS
Noctua NH-U12A CPU heatsink/2fans
7 Noctua 120mm case fans (3 front intake, 3 top exhaust, 1 rear exhaust)

I am confused on where to connect the fans.The instructions for connecting all of this is not clear... There is a fan hub built into the Phanteks Evolv X case and quite a few fan headers on the motherboard. Some folks say there are issues w/ the fan hub not working properly.

Can anyone help me out here with details of clearly where to connect the 7 case fans AND the 2 fans mounted on the CPU heatsink....

Appreciate detailed, specific help... thanks.
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