budget video camera


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Jan 2, 2003
I used to work in video production 8 years ago. Since then got out of the industry completly an not done a ton with it. I'm getting the itch to get a camera to record family moments. that requirement is fairly easy and i'm sure i can find a HD camera that will fit the bill for a few hundred. But yesterday I was at a meeting for a club i'm a part of and mentioned about possibly recording the speakers we bring in for said monthly meetings. they seemed intereested and I would like to see what it would take to do this on a basic level and if there is a camera that would accomplish what I think I need outside going for something semi pro.

What I think I need:
External microphone input - (stereo or dual channel would be awesome so I could have room audio and tap speakers mircophone, but would settle for just the speakers mic if there isn't a option to get both

Storage capcity for up to 2 hrs of solid recording without hiccups.

also open to suggestions on a cheap but smooth tripod to look at. plan on cutting to the speakers powerpoint in post when I move the camera or zoom, but having ability to somewhat smoothly pan would be nice