Budget Servers using Prebuilt Server Towers?


Sep 28, 2018
So, I'm looking at viable options for lots of storage that I would like to have one day and I was thinking about Server Tower. I've seen Dell T110 for pretty cheap, I've seen 2 for 75 USD locally in my area. But I would like to know what other options there are. I'd potentially use it for a much higher amount of storage than my Raspberry Pi NAS and maybe some other things I would set it up for like IDS, IPS and maybe some other things. Is this a viable solution? I know there are a lot of NAS solutions, but I prefer the flexibility of a server and have the option for better expansion.

The other question I have is; would it possible to upgrade to 10 Gigabit in the future if I wanted to?

Thanks for any information.

I apologize in advance if this was put in the wrong location.
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