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Sep 22, 2006
My PC is pretty new, built it a couple days ago. I've ran the thing pretty hard, seeing what it was capable of. Four games at once, plus TV and a couple servers, etc. Worked well. No BSoD, not really slow either.

But when I play America's Army, and run TV (HDTV Wonder) in the background. If I leave AA by typing quit into the console, I will immediately get a BSoD. Those are about the only things I had running, so I would have assumed if the RAM was bad, it would have done it earlier when I had the PC running all day/night, with alot of prgorams loaded, etc???
I'm on Win XP Home.

Is it a problem with the software, or do I have bad RAM or etc.?


Nov 4, 2004
You'll have to post the BSoD to get any help. Need:

1. The "all caps" error
2. STOP error: 0xblahblah
3. xxx.sys file the error occured in(this one isn't always given)

and to test your RAM, try memtest...if this tests ok then its probably ok