British PM tries tax cuts for the rich in the midst of high inflation and a looming harsh winter. She has been fired


Feb 6, 2002
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Jan 12, 2005
Remember that she got sacked for spooking the markets not for trying to screw the poor in favour of the rich.
Never trust a Tory, they will absolutely try to screw you over if they can get a penny out of it.


May 30, 2008
I suspect if Republicans take over Congress, they will attempt tax cuts for rich. It's their Robitussin of politics. The only position for which they are unwavering. Liz Truss resigned, but in a meeting late last week she was told to resign.

Kwasi Kwarteng: Liz Truss fires finance minister and ditches big tax cut | CNN Business
British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns after economic plan sparked turmoil (

The more complicated take on it is that Truss tried to copy Reagan, with his deliberate creation of a massive budget deficit, intended to create an unavoidable need for future spending cuts , aka 'starving the beast'.

But it didn't work because the UK is in a different, and weaker, position to the US when it comes to such things, due to the dollar being a global currency, which makes the US better able to do it that way round and run big deficits. Brexit probably made the UK's position even weaker. Hence the immediate assault on the pound and increases in interest rates forcing Truss to have to U-turn. It was pretty dim of her and Kwasi (not sure if that is supposed to rhyme with "crazy" or with "kamikaze") not to realise that would happen.

My memory of it all is hazy but I don't think Thatcher did it that way round - in any case she also had the ability to raise money by flogging off all the state assets, plus North Sea Oil. Thatcherism and Reaganism weren't quite the same (I think I read something about thge difference being summed up as Chicago School vs Austrian school). Largely because of the special status of the dollar meaning the US didn't have to run a balanced budget.


Feb 24, 2009
And now Boris Johnson is back on the docket to be PM. What the actual fuck.

My favorite:

"Johnson as PM again is like pushing the turd back in after you finally managed to shat it out"
Some British person being interviewed on Morning Joe. He said it was like a dog licking up it's own vomit.
Made my day because it grossed out Mika.
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Jul 6, 2002
British politics is a real mess. Ours isn't any better, let's be honest.

Weak leaderships is rife in the Western world.
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