Brand New EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 2 (Artifacting, Freezing, Rebooting)

Brandon Martinez

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Jun 10, 2018
Hello, I am experiencing, slowing, freezing, crashing, and restarting on my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 2 not even a day into it's arrival. At first my GPU ran fine. I had installed all the new drivers from, 397.93 and the gpu ran fine and then after about an hour gaming in a relatively un-demanding game the game crashed, all lights remained on and there was no auidible sounds. The game was Company of Heroes 2. At first I thought it was just a simple game engine crash from the amount of units but I got no crash reports or failure from either Windows or Nvidia. So then I just went to play another game and this time I started to see artifacts, and some parts of the screen went checkerboard but with shades of white, it slowed down and then crashed, my pc restarted and I was dumfounded. I thought it was just another game crash. At this point outside of games it was visibly slower and un-responsive I loaded up the game again and this time it ran for like 2 minutes, started to artifact, froze and then the pc restarted. Nothing got unpowered, all the rgb lights stayed on, there were no sounds. I have still received no error messages on what the problem is from Windows or Nvidia. There have been no "Blue Screens of Death" or anything like that. After that event my gpu wouldn't even go a minute into games. It would still function great in Windows, browsing and watching videos but when gaming or stressing the gpu it would go through the same issues. I have used the Super Position benchmark on my I7-8700K integrated graphics with a fresh install of Windows and all the latest drivers, updated software, etc. and it managed to go through the 1080P medium settings, though very slow, but it managed to finish the benchmark, while using the exact same configuration I tested the GTX 1080 and it crashed in the second scene of the benchmark. I have tried every possible fix. I looked at all the posts, threads, and support but none of it seems to remedy the problem. All temps are under control, CPU was at 50C while the GPU was at 60C when the first crash occured and never reached those temps aagain since GPU kept crashing.

- Fresh install of Windows 10/Clean Install: Nothing

- Roll back drivers/Reinstall drivers: Nothing

- Master/Slave GPU Bios: Nothing

- Underclocking/Overclocking using EVGA XOC: Nothing

- Switch GPU slots/ Different PSU cables: Nothing

- Update Motherboards BIOS: Nothing

- RAM Sticks Configuration: Nothing

- HDMI Cable/DisplayPort Cable: Nothing

HardWare -
CPU - I7-8700K
CPU Cooler - H150i Pro
Mobo - Asus ROG Formula X
PSU - Hx1200i Corsair Platinum Power Supply
Case - Cooler Master MasterCase MC60P
Monitor - Asus PG279Q

I will try to post some pictures. Please help because I have no other ideas on what to do. Is it time for an RMA or are there other options ? Any advice is appreciated.


Sep 23, 2003
Sounds like a bad unit, especially considering the artifacting. I'd return it or ask for a replacement.


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Sep 13, 2008
Agreed. Sounds like a bad card.


Jul 4, 2018
Yeah go to Fry's or Micro Center or somewhere and get a temporary card because you have to RMA that thing if underclocking is giving artifacts then either your fans aren't spinning or its busted like the two gentlemen said.