Boy, HP really came through for me...


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Jul 19, 2000
I used to be an epson guy when it came to photo printing. Last week my store (office depot), had a sale on the HP Photosmart 7960 for like $228, plus a $50 dollar gift card. I had enough points on hpinfolab to qualify for the $150 rebate on the printer. So at the end their top of the line photo printer ended up being $20 with my employee discount. BTW, the prints off of it look better than my Epson Stylus Photo 825. The colors are a bit more saturated on the HP, my epson looks kinda washed out, and the black and white printing rocks. Anywho, I just got an email from hpinfolab and I won a photo printer from one of their sweepstakes! It the little one (photosmart 245) with the lcd screen. I'll probably end up trading it or selling it on FS/FT since the prints aren't gonna match up to my 7960. But i'm just suprised by this company... Anybody else have a similar story to this about a company?

cheers! :beer:



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Jun 7, 2000
I just know their digital cameras suck big time... My first digicam was a HP because it was cheap, would never buy a HP camera again...

However I have always been happy with HP printers, own at least 3 of them over the yrs...