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Bounty Hunter System


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Apr 19, 2007
So I recently had a flashback to this online tank game I used to play WAY BACK over a decade ago. I couldn't remember the name of it, so I Googled "Sony online tank game"... Tanarus! That's what it was called...

This game had a bounty system from what I remember, where each player kill was worth a different amount. And your rank advancement was based off how quickly you would obtain bounty. Good players were worth more than noobs. You logged into an arena with a bounty of around 1000. If you killed another player with a bounty of 1000, your bounty went up by half that amount, so 1500. It made reaching a "high bounty" a challenge, because as your bounty increased, more and more players would come after you. And even at some point the entire arena could focus on killing just that one person, because that one kill would be worth like 20+ regular kills. I remember 4 teams, and all 4 teams would be battling in a seemingly mosh pit of action near the base of the player with the high bounty. It was so much fun.

Are there any online games out there with a similar point/rank system? Maybe there are, and I've just completely missed them. But the point I am making - it added "meaning" to kills and actually made the game a lot more fun.