Bootable system stability tester?


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Jan 23, 2007
Anyone know of a system stability tester program you can put on a CD and boot from? I'd like for the whole thing to be independent of the hard drive, because I've put together a system using a number of new parts, and the thing is definitely having problems. I've gotten some messages that make me think it might be an issue with the hard drive, so something that could run without installing to the hard drive would be great. (then, if it runs stable testing the other components, it would be yet another indicator that the hard drive might be the issue)

I've got Stress Prime 2004, which tests the memory & CPU, but it installs the program to the hard drive. I've had the system shut down a couple of times when running that. I've also had other programs I've installed become corrupted and not run. Recently, trying to install Win XP to a new partition and format kept giving interesting issues about hard drive sectors. This thing really has some stability issues, and I'd like to try to figure out what is causing the problem.