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Question Board and cooler for Threadripper 2990WX ?


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Jan 11, 2022
So I do a lot of 3D work that involves CPU rendering and this little big monster would help me a big deal with my daily tasks.

I don't plan to do extreme OC on this build, but If I could push it a bit without much effort that could be great.

It seems like MSI MEG x399 Creation is a favorite board to pair with this chip but I can't find any seller in my country and import fees are quite crazy here, I'd end paying around USD 800$ for it. Not sure if that would be worth it.

I can locally buy an AsRock x399 Taichi or an MSI x399 SLI Plus. I can get those for less than half I'd have to pay for the MSI MEG.

Would these cheaper boards handle the 2990WX slightly overclocked?

Oh and about the cooling, I did read some horror stories about Enemax Liqtech tr4 360, seems like they released a new version fixing some issues, but wherever I look for it, seems it's out of stock.

Is there any alternative decent AIO cooler out there? I have a limited budget and can't expend big dollars on a custom loop at this moment.