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Bluetooth Keyboard/mousepad won't wake up HTPC

Alan G

Apr 25, 2013
I've encountered an interesting problem in that my Anker mini-Bluetooth keyboard/mousepad will not wake up the HTPC from sleep mode. Maybe this is a case that when the PC goes to sleep the pairing is lost and cannot be regained since the keyboard lights will not come on when I tap on any key. I went into powercfg device query to see what things will wake up the computer and it only shows the following:
HID compliant mouse<001>
HID keyboard device<002>
which are USB port linked devices (and I'm not running anything on these right now). My conclusion from this is that Bluetooth devices will not bring a computer out of sleep mode. Is this correct?

I've got some spare USB keyboards sitting around that I can plug in as a stopgap measure until I can get a Logitech K400 which is the right size for a HTPC set up but I was hoping to use the mini-Bluetooth device.

Any advice would be welcome.

EDIT ADDED: The problem is that I have been using the Intel WiFi/Bluetooth feature that is installed on the Gigabyte H77N-WiFi MoBo. Sleep mode turns off the Bluetooth ability so of course there cannot be any transmission between the PC and the Bluetooth keyboard. I can go into the device manager and uncheck the box so that power goes to the card upon sleep. I can also use the little USB dongle that comes with the Anker Bluetooth keyboard and that will also allow me to use the keyboard to wake the compute up. I guess I was trying to be too smart by half without thinking about the fundamental of electricity, e.g., no power to a receiver means no signal can come in or go out and device pairing is lost.
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