Blockbuster Online - Just got a bit better


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Oct 10, 1999
So I got an e-mail from blockbuster saying they are going to add two more coupons per month, total 4, to my account. I was about to drop this service cause of issues getting the DVDs but witht he coupons and this new system where they send you your next dvd before they recieve it I just might stay. Here is what they said in the e-mail:

ntroducing faster shipping and more copies of the movies you want to see.

Because of loyal members like you, BLOCKBUSTER Online? has surpassed our growth expectations. While we're thrilled so many movie fans have turned to BLOCKBUSTER Online, The Movie Store At Your Door?, we know our rapid growth may have impacted our service to you.

We recognize the need to continuously improve and we are taking the following steps to do just that:

* The U.S. Postal Service will now notify us when the envelope containing the DVD you are returning has been scanned in. This means we will send you your next movie before we actually receive the returned one. This means quicker turnaround times for you.

* We are adding 10 new shipping locations in the coming months to speed more movies to your door.

* We are buying more copies of both new releases and old favorites. This should reduce the time you wait for your favorite titles to ship.

* We appreciate you using our service while we work to make improvements. We have added TWO E-Coupons to your account. These coupons are in addition to the coupons you receive every month, and they can be redeemed for FREE in-store game and movie rentals at participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores.

I'll wait week to see how this "faster shipping" works out. I'm glad they realized they need to buy mroe copies because I had like new releases in my queue forever. Well anyways anyone else get this e-mail?



Feb 7, 2001
I wonder if this anything to do with the news that Amazon is going to start online DVD rental.

Gotta love competition! :D