Black / White / Pink Screen? 8800 GTS 512 crashing


Junior Member
Apr 19, 2001
Hi All,
I recently got a new EVGA 8800 GTS 512 to go in my EVGA 680i motherboard with Core 2 Duo 6600. Everything had been working fine with this system, but I formatted it and installed Vista x64 and gave it to my son. Now the computer locks up often with the screen going black, white, or even pink... It can do this when nothing's being done on the computer at all and it's at the desktop, or it can do it while playing games... I'm thinking the video card itself is defective, but thought it might be the drivers (I've used two different recent versions including the most recent WHQL from NVIDIA). What do you think?

When this happens, sometimes game music continues, but it doesn't respond to keyboard inputs. I can ping the system from another computer though, so it's still "up", and I can even transfer files from that computer over the network.

So, I'm nearly certain it has something to do with the video card since this system was working flawlessly until I installed this card and Vista (it actually had an 8800 GTX in it which is now in my computer). Obviously Vista x64 is a big change too though (had XP)... I've never had any BSOD or other crashes with this system. Thoughts before I RMA the card? Thanks in advance,