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Black Power on McCain, Swastika on Obama

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Jan 31, 2005
What can i say? Ignorance, as we well know, exists on both sides of the line.

So, anyone still wanna make a bet on whether theres riots or not?


Police investigate after swastika painted on Obama yard sign

IDAHO FALLS -- Idaho Falls Police are investigating what they are calling a "hate crime" after a sign for presidential candidate Barack Obama is vandalized with swastikas.

The Idaho Democratic Party said this Obama sign with swastikas is the first they've heard about, although across the state his signs are being stolen or vandalized in other ways.

On Monday, Blanche Redd put the sign in her yard to show support for Obama.

"That's our right and privilege and I?ve always encouraged my children and anyone else that voting is something they should always do and support the candidate of their choice," said Redd.

On Tuesday morning, she found the sign spray-painted with what many would consider a controversial symbol.

"I was very disgusted and unhappy to think that anyone would do that. I have several other Democratic signs in my yard but this is the only one they defaced. I just saw the spray paint swastika on both sides and of course we took it down immediately," said Redd.

She?s upset that her freedom to express her political views in her own front yard is being violated.

She says every time there's an election she put signs in her yard to show support for Democratic candidates. Four years ago she had a sign for John Kerry and it was ripped out of her yard and tossed in the street. But for a political sign to be covered with swastikas, she says it's ?a sure sign of hate."

"I think that it's very rude and inconsiderate of people to do that. He?s certainly my candidate of choice and that's everybody's privilege," said Redd.

She put up a new obama sign, but Blanche says she will take it in each night, and put it out during the daytime and hope the vandals will stay away.

"Unfortunately we've had a few reports of vandalism around the state, spray painting the sign to say "no-bama" or "o-sama. There have been no other incidents of swastikas. We know there are a few cowards who don't stand up and work for their side and choose to act out in a negative way," said Kassie Cerami, Obama campaign state director.

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