Black Friday Builds - DIY Router


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Jun 27, 2016
Looking to stuff your stockings with some AnandTech swag? Well look no further! We're asking you to come up with the best builds you can using Black Friday and Cyber Week exclusive deals.To sweeten the deal we'll be offering AnandTech screwdrivers and AnandTech polos for each submission.This thread will be open until Tuesday, November 29th, so be sure to submit your Black Friday Build by then.

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For this thread we're looking for best Roll Your Own Router. We're looking for cheap, small, low power builds, that can run your network fast.

Here are the ground rules:

  • Do not go over budget.
  • Use only Amazon OR Newegg to source parts.
  • Do not include shipping or tax in your final budget.
  • Do not include the Operating System, Keyboard, or Mouse
  • Do not put your forum handle in the name of your build, and avoid odd capitalizations & symbols.
  • Provide links to the Amazon or Newegg product pages of each component — we encourage users to use PCPartPicker's System Build for speedy construction. Do not post a link to your build, but rather please be sure to export as BBCode for a quick copy/paste to the forums.

Please be sure to format your list of components as follows:

Build Name
Good luck! Now go find some deals.
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May 17, 2002
Between the router botnet hacking and the build-your-own-router article over at Ars Technica, I've decided to put together my own pfSense router. It seems like most people run pfSense on a mini-computer like a NUC rather than building a full system -- this makes sense to me based on space, price, and power consumption.

The critical components here are a low power CPU like a Celeron J1900 and multiple integrated GigE ports. Something like this Zotac box @ Newegg would work, but I prefer to spend a few extra bucks to get Intel-branded GigE rather than Realtek.

DIY pfSense Router
Total Cost: $232.03