Bios update...


Senior member
Nov 17, 2021
Found a curious update today with one of my systems. The motherboard bios had a new release with the only info from the vendor being an update to the cpu microcode as the reason for the new bios release.
Yet all the cpus produced for this series of boards (Socket 1200) were qualified for usage with the 1st bios release back in early 21'; that is the whole range of Comet lake & Rocket lake cpus already have been released well over a year ago, so unless Intel has released another socket 1200 cpu, I am puzzled as to why a cpu microcode update would be needed for my particular motherboard model only in the last week?

Upon rebooting, my Microsoft credentials had to be updated as well, otherwise of course can't log in. I had to update the MS credentials before too, after a bios update, but the only info from the motherboard vendor then with the last bios update was
a change to the secure boot. So is there a link between the secure boot & cpu microcode with regards to MS credentials for the end user to log in?

Even more interesting is a random look at 5 other motherboards from this vendor with the same chipset & socket, produced no results for those boards with regards to a cpu microcode update in the last bios releases for all those boards. Imo, most unusual.