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Biomutant (2021) - Discussion


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Sep 28, 2005
Steam Link:

This is one of the games that had a long delay until its final release.

I have it for free on EA Play Pro, so i will give it a shot, but I have not played it yet.

Please give feedback and recommendation to others if you have, and if its worth the 59.99 price tag which makes it a AAA title.


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Nov 16, 2006
Looks interesting, but it sounds like the game is overall a bit of a mess and kind of has that janky AA feel for a AAA price.

I like the look of the game, and I'm always down for a game that tries to do things a little differently (Man when I read Kung Fu I immediately thought of Jade Empire, would love to see a modern sequel to that) but this looks more like the same old game we've all played a dozen times before with rougher edges and a fresh coat of paint.
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