Binding of Isaac: Repentance


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Mar 10, 2007

Coming out sometime in the next 3+ months but the announcement was released recently. I originally didn't like the first game but that was likely due to the difficulty and lack of features. It felt more like a shmup than anything else but with each new release, it evolved more and more and now it's an incredibly addicting game.

- 130+ new items (more than 700 items in total)
- A full alternate path with brand new chapters and a new final boss and ending
- 100+ new enemies
- 25+ new bosses
- 2 new playable characters
- 5 new challenges
- 100+ new achievements
- 5,000+ new room designs

If anyone enjoys rogue-like games, definitely look into this series.


Jun 17, 2005
So Edmund has announced a the release date for Repentance.
March 31, 2021

I still play Binding of Isaac at least a couple of times a week. Between me and my girlfriend (we play on the same account on my HTPC) we have just under 3000 hours racked up in the game.


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Jan 31, 2011
Should be a good time, but the game with the various expansions already has so much it's hard to imagine this really improving on the game in any way. It's already at the point of such infinite possibility that even after 3000 hours you can still run into some new combinations that
make for a fun experience or make you approach the game a little differently.


Jun 3, 2011
can they not call them permadeath or something else? "rogue-like" is ok when your game is actually "rogue-like" - top down, 2D, turn-based RPG. Action / platformers games aren't "roguelike".


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Mar 10, 2007
can they not call them permadeath or something else? "rogue-like" is ok when your game is actually "rogue-like" - top down, 2D, turn-based RPG. Action / platformers games aren't "roguelike".
By the very definition, BoI is a Rogue-Lite but it still qualifies.


Jun 3, 2011
No it does not. You dodge bullets and shoot mobs that move if you stand still.
Games which are actually roguelike:
Tales of Middle Earth
Dwarf Fortress

Games which are NOT roguelike: everything else



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Mar 10, 2007
Seems like a pretty silly thing to get upset over, especially given how many mixed genres we have today.

According to this, rogue-like is more of a definition than it is saying that the game is similar to the video game "Rogue". I honestly had no idea there was a game called Rogue that the term was based off until a few years ago, but it seems most people just use it as a term to define a game with certain features.


Jun 17, 2005
No it does not. You dodge bullets and shoot mobs that move if you stand still.
Games which are actually roguelike:
Tales of Middle Earth
Dwarf Fortress

Games which are NOT roguelike: everything else

I agree with what you are saying. The term Roguelike (and really BoI is referred to as Rogue-Lite) kind of morphed as time passed and games like ADOM got more and more graphical, and other games stole concepts from it and as a whole games that started out like rogue became less and less like it. Now the term really just means perma-death and hard, where you are expected to learn by losing over and over again.
Overall I always refer to BoI as a twin stick shooter. I really think it has more in common with games like SmashTV than Rogue.


Jun 3, 2011
still, my main argument is that you can beat the game by dodging the bad bullets that want to kill you. That is the primary aspect of the gameplay, to which they have added some improvements. I think the most common term is "bullet hell".
Roguelike games are methodical, slow RPGs where the difficulty is ramped up but there is no "action" factor.

See, one of the main draws of roguelike games is that, every good P&P RPG player will tell you that they can beat ANY monster, situation, or challenge given enough time and preparation. Roguelike games set out to disprove that - or at least to give you a real challenge. You can go back to square 1 on a roguelike as much as you want, stock up on as many potions of healing as you can carry, be as careful as you want, run from every monster, and the game never pressures you forward.

i happen to play a lot ..more than a reasonable amount, of roguelike. I play Angband like it was my second job, and you're always a step away from death, but you're given plenty of information and it's a game of choice. Sure it has a lot of randomness, but you also get to repeat that randomness as much as you want.

There is a famous not-actually-roguelike roguelike, called Pixel Dungeon, a mobile game that has at least a dozen clones on the Playstore. And it really looks like a roguelike, until you find that it has a limited-time mechanic in the fact that if you try to take your time, you run out of food, and while it has some very contrived way to give you more food (once you are well past the midgame), essentially you are being forced to progress at a speed decided by the game.

So, while i'm happy that Rogue is getting some recognition, and that modern games are moving away from "press F to pay respects" and into more difficult territory, a lot of roguelike games are not actually roguelike. FTL is not roguelike (a game i've played to death), Darkest Dungeon is not roguelike, because they all force you.

Angband doesn't force you. It let you take all the time you need, and then make a single one-step mistake that instakills you. HUE.


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Jan 31, 2011
can they not call them permadeath or something else? "rogue-like" is ok when your game is actually "rogue-like" - top down, 2D, turn-based RPG. Action / platformers games aren't "roguelike".

I get that it isn't a traditional rogue-like in the sense that it's a game like Rogue, but the term is used because it has some elements of the genre, in this case death ending the current run and requiring you to restart and the incorporation of random level design that makes each run a little unique. Pill effects are initially undiscovered and randomized which is another rogue-like feature.

I think describing the game as a rogue-like would be misleading. Telling someone it's like dungeons in the old 8/16-but top down Legend of Zelda games is a far more accurate description of how the game fundamentally plays, but it uses a lot of the same design choices of rogue-likes to make the game both engaging and replayable.

Since very few people these days have played Rogue or the other original rogue-likes, they have little concept of the original meaning of the term. The more modern definition is just an indication of randomized level design and permanent death that requires starting from scratch. Perhaps when the newer wave of these games first started coming out they were more accurately described as "containing rogue-like elements" but people tend to shorten language and terms overtime, which is how we've wound up here.


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Mar 10, 2007
The game just released today.

If anyone wants to see the changelog for the new DLC, here it is (note it's incredibly long):
General Changes, Additions, and Fixes:


-Coop can now be played with multiple, separate characters instead of babies. If played with multiple characters, bosses will drop multiple items.

-Greed Mode now features floor alts (Burning Basement, Necropolis, etc).

-Challenge room waves are now randomized, and each floor features unique waves (previously they were shared for every alt floor in a chapter).

-Small boss rooms and small miniboss rooms have been disabled.

-Rooms with portal enemies now only appear in The Void.

-Rooms with spikes directly next to the entrance have been adjusted. The spikes are either moved away from the door or blocked off.

-Adjusted the appearance rate of many special rooms to be more balanced (the black poop super secret room is now rarer, for example).

-The item tracker now includes a "mini" option, allowing for more items to be displayed at once.

-Black hearts no longer pause the game with an animation when lost. New, less intrusive effects have been added for them.

-The tears stat on the HUD now displays as "tears per second" (previously displayed delay between tears in frames).

-The range stat on the HUD now displays the amount of effective range in tiles (this also fixes misleading cases like Mini Mush/Kidney Stone).

-Devil/angel chances on the HUD have changed to display the chance the respective deal will appear (previously displayed the chance for an angel deal to replace a devil deal).

-Duplicate items now show up on the item tracker/pause menu/game over screen.

-Smelted/gulped trinkets now show up on the item tracker.

-It is now possible to pick up two of the same trinket (if it was duplicated). Effects can stack.

-Sacks can now be sold in shops for 7¢.

-Items/mechanics that damage red hearts first now ignore eternal hearts instead of removing them.

-Bombs now flash corresponding to their detonation timer, instead of exploding without warning.

-Curse of the Maze now avoids teleporting players to already explored rooms.

-Brightness around players has been increased in order to aid visibility in Curse of Darkness on lower gamma settings.

-The pixelation visual effect (used by Retro Vision and stage transitions) has been reworked, and is generally less blurry/painful to look at.

-Retro Vision now lasts a set amount of time instead of going away and returning at random intervals.

-Mom's Dressing Table has been moved from the starting room to bedrooms.

-Spider Mod now features color coded health bars and more accurate damage information.

-Enemies now die upon reaching zero health. Previously, enemies needed to reach negative health to die. This mostly improves the lethality of items that deal fixed damage.

-"Moldy Bread" has been renamed to "Midnight Snack". Pickup quote changed to "HP up".

-Rooms with water in them now automatically extinguish fireplaces. Most Flooded Caves rooms have fireplaces pre-extinguished, and the Flush item will extinguish fireplaces in the room upon use.

-"Delete Save" confirmation dialog now defaults to "No" instead of "Yes".

-"goto" console command now accepts the prefix "x" for special rooms from the current stage.

-Many minor tweaks and improvements to various pickup animations.

-Slightly tweaked enemies with Larry Jr style behavior to have smoother movement.

-Chubber's chomping maggot projectile now dies when the Chubber does, instead of returning to the original firing position and disappearing.

-If pits are near the trap door that spawns after a boss, they will now be automatically filled and become walkable. This prevents situations where a trap door could block off devil/angel doors.

-Challenge room doors re-close if Isaac no longer meets their entry conditions while in the adjacent room.

-Removed jittering from Technology lasers and adjusted hit detection to be more accurate.

-Removed Greed Gapers from treasure rooms.

-Removed the forced delay between Portable Slot uses.

-Reworked smelted trinkets to have a more consistent implementation (they are now shared between coop babies and can be removed or rerolled by items such as the D4 and Clicker).

-Dingle now shoots poop shots instead of blood shots (aside from the red champion), to be consistent with other poop enemies.

-Ulcers now fire blood shots in arcs instead of in straight lines.

-Challenge rooms no longer interrupt the floor music theme pre-ambush.

-Minibosses now use the ambush theme instead of the regular boss theme.

-Red Candle flames, and flames spawned by certain enemies, now play a sound and animation when extinguished.

-Head costumes now deform along with the player's head when firing charged attacks, such as Brimstone.

-The decapitated body from Pinking Shears now uses the player's costumes.

-Floor music layers can now play if the room's enemies' total HP reaches a certain threshold (previously required a certain amount of enemies in a room to play the music layer).

-Light beams (such as Crack the Sky beams or the Cathedral's entrance beam) and many tear effects now properly light up dark rooms.

-Homing tears now target enemies much more reliably.

-Timed recharge items now recharge immediately upon room clear, and from certain item effects (such as Habit or Charged Baby).

-9 Volt and Jumper Cables no longer play the "item ready" sound effect when only granting partial charge.

-The Left Hand and Humbleing Bundle no longer change already existing chests/pickups.

-Mimic chests have been updated to be more subtle in their appearance.

-Items seen once in shops are now far less likely to reappear.

-It is now possible to see items again that have been rerolled away from by full run reroll effects (this should prevent "Breakfasting" with them).

-Dead Cat and Halo of Flies are no longer immune to full run reroll effects. They are also no longer counted as multiple items for scoring purposes.

-Pretty Flies are no longer counted as items for scoring purposes.

-Most weapons and tear effects now induce knockback on enemies and bombs.

-Farts from both players and enemies can now push bombs and pickups.

-Fires left behind by enemies can now be extinguished by player attacks, and are more visually distinct.

-The use animation on most active items has been shortened, allowing players to attack again more quickly than before.

-Lucky pennies now use translation strings and show their name when picked up, with "Luck up" being the description.

-Restored the original description for the "I Found Pills" pill effect.

-Beggars and machines no longer drop item pedestals when bombed in The Chest/Dark Room.

-Demon beggars now always drop hostile spiders when bombed.

-Bomb bums now retaliate when bombed.

-Certain enemy replacements no longer happen on inappropriate floors (no Mushrooms in Womb, no Blisters in Basement, etc).

-The Nail now gives Isaac blood tears while the effect is active.

-Pin and its variants spawn less excessively large blood explosions on death.

-Tonsil is no longer considered an item, meaning Eden cannot start with it and it doesn't appear on the collection page.

-Mama Mega's effect now blows up machines, beggars, and fireplaces.

-Composite enemies (such as Mr. Maw) now show up as a single entry in the Bestiary.

-"Choice" pedestals (such as those found in angel rooms or boss rush) now remember that they're supposed to be a choice when duplicated or moved out of the room.

-Blood stain from the character selection menu now uses multiply blending so it no longer obscures starting item names.

-Ludovico tears no longer move towards the player when no enemies are present in the room.

-Leaving a crawlspace from any unintended direction now teleports the player to the Error room.

-Fireplaces, movable TNT barrels, and all invincible stone type enemies (i.e. Stone Grimaces, Stonies) now follow obstacle rules when colliding with tears (piercing shots are blocked, spectral shots pass through).

-Mom's Heart/It Lives now has a small delay before spawning the two Eye enemies at the start of the fight.

-Restored Blastocyst's intro animation from the original game.

-Restored Gurdy's taunting laugh animation (after hitting the player) from the original game.

-Updated the boss intros to have more depth and animation, similar to the original game.

-Updated the transformation lists to include more previously uncounted items.

-Updated the descriptions of various items to be more accurate/informative.

-Updated sprites for various enemies, bosses, items, obstacles, characters, and more.

-Updated some perma-charmed enemies to be less annoying with their attacks and sounds in cleared rooms.

-Updated the Dank Depths backdrop and pits.

-Updated the Burning Basement and Cathedral to have light sources from the backdrop.

-Updated water from the Flooded Caves, Scarred Womb, and Flush item to have reflections.

-Updated the player teleport animation to respect the silhouette of certain characters.

-Updated the colors of Lil Delirium's attacks.

-Updated the charge attacks of the Pony items to have new visual and sound effects.

-Updated Bestiary animations for some enemies.

-Updated the "Mr. Resetter!" achievement to unlock scared hearts. Half soul hearts are now tied to the "Everything is Terrible" achievement.

-Updated Schoolbag to display the secondary active item to the top left of the primary active, instead of being in the bottom right of it. It also no longer displays a HUD icon when empty.

-Updated many of the "giant book" animations.

-Updated all familiar animations to use interpolation.

-Updated the stat marks on the pause screen to be more accurate.

-Updated the list of possible effects from 3 Dollar Bill and Liberty Cap.

-Updated the list of possible familiars from Monster Manual.

-Updated the sorting and placement of character completion marks.

-Updated some trinkets to support doubled effects from Mom's Box.

-Updated the hit detection of curse room doors to prevent situations where it may not damage players entering at high speeds.

-Updated many existing room layouts and certain Greed Mode waves to make them more consistently fair.

-Certain floor alts now share less rooms/enemies with each other, in order to make them more distinct.

-Added new music tracks for Utero, Super Secret Rooms, Boss Rush, and the credits (after Blue Baby has been unlocked).

-Added new visual effects for Utero.

-Added new doors for dice rooms, chest rooms, sacrifice rooms, libraries, and shops.

-Added minor color correction for various floors/special rooms.

-Added a familiar chain priority system. Incubus will always be closest to the player, Lil Brimstone second. The rest of the shooting familiars have equal priority, with non-damaging familiars last.

-Added "rune shards", which are weaker versions of existing runes. They only appear if not all runes have been unlocked.

-Added new minimap icons for sacks, crawlspaces, runes, beggars, machines, and the dressing table.

-Added new icons for challenge destinations.

-Added narration voice lines for the cards that did not have them (Era Walk, Huge Growth, Ancient Recall).

-Added new death effects for the Steven boss.

-Added unique item costumes for Keeper, Blue Baby, Apollyon, and Dark Judas.

-Added unique bomb appearances for Bomber Boy, Scatter Bombs, and golden bombs.

-Added a unique card back for Ancient Recall.

-Added visual and sound indicators for Scapular's effect activation.

-Added extra visual feedback and use effects for Potato Peeler and Sharp Straw.

-Added extra effects to Tech X so laser rings can be seen appearing and disappearing.

-Added "heart flash" HUD effect when gaining hearts or healing.

-Added a slow pulsing outline HUD effect for cards that would be buffed by Tarot Cloth.

-Added an aim direction buffer to assist with firing charged attacks diagonally, such as Mom's Knife.

-Added tons of new synergies between existing items.

-Added thousands of new room layouts.

-Added 9 new challenges.

-Added 2 new characters.

-Added 150+ new items.

-Added 100+ new enemies.

-Added 25+ new bosses.

-Added a new coloring system for champion enemies.

-Added new curse icons under the minimap.

-Added dust particles on death for bone enemies.

-Added new attacking visual effects for many enemies, and new effects for enemies with stomp attacks (i.e. Monstro).

-Added a dotted line for Marked between Isaac and the target.

-Added an animation for using golden keys on key blocks (previously it just reused the normal key animation).

-Added visual effects for certain champions to make their effects more clear (most notably the Pulsing Red and Pulsing Dark Gray champions).

-Added visual and sound effects for losing Holy Mantle/Blanket/Holy Card shields.

-Added visual telegraph for when Eye enemies are about to attack.

-Added visual telegraph for red/purple fireplace attacks.

-Added a visual and sound telegraph for Lil Haunt attacks.

-Added a visual fart cloud effect when spawning a No. 2 bomb.

-Added new visual and sound effects for Mama Mega's explosion.

-Added many missing enemy death portraits.

-Added a new visual effect for Telekinesis.

-Added new sound effects for Brimstone, Glass Cannon, Technology, Tech X, Holy Mantle, Death's Touch, Crack the Sky, Clicker, Book of Belial, Eye of Greed, Uriel/Gabriel's wings and attacks, Stonies, coin pickups, special rock destruction, Arcade doors, blood donation machines, challenge room doors, enemy deaths, black heart loss, Globin regeneration, small/large explosions, menu scrolling, enemy spawning, and the pause menu.

-Fixed Leeches not pathfinding correctly in rooms with pits.

-Fixed Leeches not being properly locked along their charging axis (they no longer wildly bounce from tear knockback).

-Fixed full run reroll effects not properly removing rerolled items from item history.

-Fixed Whore of Babylon not activating for the current room when fulfilling the conditions through means other than damage (Guppy's Paw, Hematemesis, etc).

-Fixed a softlock caused by triggering Death's List thumbs up animation while falling down a pitfall.

-Fixed poison effects from The Virus and Serpent's Kiss not dealing damage if Isaac remains in contact with the afflicted enemy.

-Fixed many cases of Book of Revelations failing to generate a horseman boss fight in each chapter.

-Fixed Clicker being able to remove key items, such as The Polaroid/Negative or key pieces.

-Fixed burn sound not being played when Isaac takes contact damage from fireplaces.

-Fixed Odd Mushrooms and Adrenaline causing some item costumes to be improperly scaled.

-Fixed game over screen displaying the wrong location name in Greed Mode.

-Fixed Pin and other related bosses being able to deal contact damage during the same frame they were spawned in.

-Fixed Hot Bombs not always dealing contact damage when they should.

-Fixed some bosses being able to spawn multiple enemies at the exact same location (such as Isaac and Dingle).

-Fixed Ipecac explosions being unable to damage enemies when the tears are too large.

-Fixed a broken synergy between The Ludovico Technique and Explosivo.

-Fixed an issue which caused boss pools to heavily skew towards certain bosses.

-Fixed Greedier mode becoming visible (but impossible to select) when switching languages.

-Fixed using a bed as the Forgotten also giving HP to his alternate form.

-Fixed full heals not affecting the Forgotten's body when obtained as The Soul.

-Fixed The Forgotten being damaged by lasers generated from the Haemolacria + Jacob's Ladder synergy.

-Fixed Crown of Light not visually updating when losing health through means other than damage.

-Fixed Mom's Knife not updating its color when held by Incubus.

-Fixed crawlspace items suddenly having a pedestal underneath them when leaving and reentering the room.

-Fixed Leech being able to heal Isaac more than once per enemy in certain cases.

-Fixed devil/angel rooms and boss rush not being reliably seeded.

-Fixed all off grid rooms not being consistently seeded due to extra special rooms spawning (such as sacrifice rooms or arcades).

-Fixed some player homing attacks targeting perma-charmed enemies. Homing shots from perma-charmed enemies will also no longer target Isaac.

-Fixed a few pathfinding issues with some familiars (especially Bumbo).

-Fixed Hush entrance door skipping its animation when opened while having a golden key.

-Fixed a few animation issues with Rag Man.

-Fixed several seeding issues with item pedestals which caused inconsistent rerolls in seeded runs.

-Fixed Mom rarely ever doing her hand attack when standing near her doors.

-Fixed the D7 not rerolling miniboss drops.

-Fixed the D7 not properly refreshing Greed miniboss rooms.

-Fixed X-Ray Vision and I Can See Forever not always opening secret rooms in The Void.

-Fixed some broken interactions between Camo Undies/Faded Polaroid and other items that change Isaac's color.

-Fixed being able to survive fatal devil deals by holding certain actives over Isaac's head and leaving the room (such as Bob's Rotten Head).

-Fixed blended hearts not being affected by Maggy's Bow.

-Fixed dying from The Bible on the Satan fight displaying an inappropriate death portrait.

-Fixed unlocked coin doors appearing open even when they are closed.

-Fixed barred doors playing their closing animation upon entering the room.

-Fixed a rare crash caused by Mom's Knife + Sad Bombs.

-Fixed a rare crash caused by Glitter Bombs.

-Fixed a rare crash caused by Soul Suckers.

-Fixed a rare crash caused by using Undefined in Greed Mode.

-Fixed a rare crash caused by starting with the Error trinket as Eden.

-Fixed Mom's Toenail immediately stomping if starting with it as Eden.

-Fixed perma-charmed enemies not being properly restored when rewinding with Glowing Hourglass.

-Fixed a bug with eternal flies which could cause their position to become undefined when turning into a normal fly.

-Fixed a lot of enemies not being able to become champions when they should.

-Fixed still being able to take damage from fly enemies on their first frame of spawning when the player has Skatole.

-Fixed Brown Nugget flies not being buffed by Hive Mind/BFFs.

-Fixed the D20 being able to reroll already opened chests into more pickups/chests.

-Fixed Duke of Flies, Husk, and The Wretched not spawning enemies upon death.

-Fixed Red/Blue Candle flames sometimes passing through enemies without damaging them.

-Fixed the D4 sometimes rerolling all items into items from one pool.

-Fixed some enemy kills being counted in the bestiary multiple times per kill.

-Fixed Hagalaz being able to open secret rooms in L rooms.

-Fixed some enemies missing sound effects (such as Super Sloth's spider throwing attack, Gurdy Jr's slide, Blastocyst splitting, etc).

-Fixed boss shadows becoming invisible during their death animations.

-Fixed Guts and Wall Huggers starting in an unpredictable direction when spawned next to a fireplace.

-Fixed bad interpolation on Ludovico Technique tears.

-Fixed Spirit of the Night, Dead Dove, Empty Vessel, and Guppy not properly overwriting the front wings layer from other flight items.

-Fixed Epiphora and Maw of the Void not working when blindfolded (which also allows them to be used with Lilith).

-Fixed Little Chubby, Big Chubby, and Bob's Brain being unable to destroy fireplaces.

-Fixed the Chub spawned after the Matriarch fight rarely being pushed in strange ways by the Fistuloids orbiting her.

-Fixed Chargers getting stuck on other enemies.

-Fixed the fire animation on Flaming Gapers and Flaming Fatties playing too fast.

-Fixed the fire animation on Flaming Fatties and Flaming Hoppers not playing when they are not moving.

-Fixed Trisagion shots not disappearing with Ludovico Technique + Fruit Cake.

-Fixed charged familiars releasing their attack when the player gets hit or picks up an item.

-Fixed nickels and dimes not having the sparkling pickup animation like regular pennies.

-Fixed Pin's dirt segment briefly appearing as its head before exploding on death (this also applied to the Frail and Scolex).

-Fixed being able to go to the Error room in The Void.

-Fixed being able to access The Void after the first Hush kill in the save file by leaving and entering the room.

-Fixed a bugged interaction between Boomerang/Jaw Bone and sticky nickels.

-Fixed Gurdy's hit sphere not matching the sprite.

-Fixed the black ring from Athame/Maw of the Void extending much farther away from the player when they have Proptosis.

-Fixed several enemies not applying their damage resistances when frozen.

-Fixed Hosts being unable to see players from behind spikes, and refusing to pop up if stuck between spikes.

-Fixed being able to trick Round Worms into not firing by hugging the nearest rock.

-Fixed Blank Rune not being able to trigger Black Rune.

-Fixed a glitch causing Gold Hearts to instantly break when picked up if a Gold Heart had been previously picked up and lost.

-Fixed slowed enemy projectiles losing their color.

-Fixed Carrion Queen and Mask of Infamy disappearing on death with no sound or effect.

-Fixed ???'s Soul and Cain's Other Eye leaving the room bounds in L rooms.

-Fixed Isaac's Fork not having any indicators of the effect activating.

-Fixed Red Patch not applying its costume when the effect activates.

-Fixed Lost Contact being able to destroy shots from perma-charmed enemies.

-Fixed being able to pay demon beggars twice per half heart.

-Fixed the various Blastocyst forms not having an appear animation.

-Fixed Mom's Heart/It Lives being able to spawn enemies in the top center part of the room, usually causing them to die instantly from the projectiles fired by the heart.

-Fixed several instances of familiars disappearing, only to respawn later once the player gets another familiar.

-Fixed issues where some enemies could attack without playing an attack animation.

-Fixed Mega Blast's laser not being the correct color when combined with certain tear effects.

-Fixed Technology 2 not getting correctly updated with 3 Dollar Bill and Rainbow Worm if continuously shooting.

-Fixed perma-charmed enemies not blocking shots from other enemies.

-Fixed Isaac being able to die while the big chest opening animation is playing (did nothing aside from visual bugs with the animation).

-Fixed Mine Crafter's barrel instantly detonating if used while having the Mom transformation.

-Fixed Mr. Mine chains being counted as enemies by the D10.

-Fixed Mr. Maws having extremely erratic and glitchy behavior when charmed.

-Fixed Buttlickers not being counted for any "on kill" effects (such as Lusty Blood).

-Fixed a bug which caused Conquest to share his health with War or other Conquests in the room.

-Fixed uncleared rooms not saving champions when leaving and re-entering them.

-Fixed being able to exploit Holy Mantle with the save and continue system.

-Fixed win streaks not being cleared when exiting to the main menu as Isaac is dying.

-Fixed a regression to light blending which caused colors to appear more washed out compared to Rebirth.

-Fixed being able to infinitely duplicate hearts using The Jar + Maggy's Bow/Humbleing Bundle.

-Fixed Greed's Gullet not applying its bonus retroactively.

-Fixed a bug with Mega Satan where bombs would go into a bugged state and be deleted without exploding during his transition to phase 2.

-Fixed a long standing bug where tears and projectiles fired very close to a wall would instantly collide with it (this was an issue with splitting shots and enemies that explode into projectiles on death).

-Fixed being able to use teleportation cards and active items during a room transition, resulting in the teleport being wasted.

-Fixed brown and spiked chests opened in Chapter 6 turning into golden chests when an item appears from them.

-Fixed gold and red chests losing their outline when an item appears from them.

-Fixed Dead Sea Scrolls playing its overlay animation when canceling two-stage effects such as Bob's Rotten Head and Shoop da Whoop.

-Fixed familiar tears not increasing in size with BFFs.

-Fixed an issue that caused many familiars' tears to be Soy Milk sized.

-Fixed an issue where the Little Horn item's contact damage effect would override superior contact damage effects from other items.

-Fixed certain enemies being able to deal contact damage to Isaac by jumping onto him while he's flying over pits, snapping back to the ground afterwards in a very glitchy looking way.

-Fixed Hush being able to immediately cause contact damage during its appear animation.

-Fixed Store Credit allowing for infinite trinket purchases in Greed Mode.

-Fixed enemies spawning onto and detonating dangerous objects in Greed Mode (such as TNT).

-Fixed spiked chests being able to spawn in narrow pathways.

-Fixed Liberty Cap giving the Compass effect instead of Magic Mushroom.

-Fixed YO LISTEN! hovering over obstacles that are ineligible for a crawlspace.

-Fixed certain items and rainbow poop being able to heal Isaac as he dies (while this had no effect, it was confusing to have hearts visible on the game over page).

-Fixed Eye of Belial tear impacts being the default tear color.

-Fixed Magneto still attracting soul hearts while at maximum health.

-Fixed Turdlings not being healed by Butt Bombs.

-Fixed Ultra Greed not having a door at the top of the room to spawn enemies from (it was always meant to be there).

-Fixed some classic bosses (such as Peep, Bloat, and Monstro) being unable to jump over obstacles, despite clearly achieving enough visual height to do so.

-Fixed secret rooms connected to the treasure room not having an exit when teleporting there in Greed Mode.

-Fixed Key Bum not paying out when taking charged keys. Upon taking a charged key, he also leaves behind a battery pickup.

-Fixed The Poop and Bozo failing to create poop ontop of various objects (such as already destroyed poop piles).

-Fixed Fish Tail not working with several blue fly sources.

-Fixed Duct Tape not setting the position of familiars correctly at the start of a room when obtained by the Error trinket.

-Fixed most known bugs relating to Schoolbag (items deactivating when swapping, certain passive effects not working correctly, etc).



-Angel deals can now be guaranteed if the first seen devil deal is skipped without entering it.

-Red chests in the starting room of the Dark Room now turn into devil deals when opened. These must still be paid for.

-The shop on the first floor is now free to enter.

-Removed the "special item" system.

-Pill rotation generation has been reworked to reduce the amount of "joke" pills in rotation, and to increase prevalence of stat modifiers.

-Rate of fire can now be improved beyond the previous limit, allowing items such as Soy Milk to benefit from tears upgrades.

-Shot speed no longer has any impact on effective range.

-Time scaling effects have been reworked to affect enemy/player animation speed and attack rate, and no longer affect range of tears.

-Bomb damage has been increased to 100 (from 60). Mega bombs (such as those from Mr. Mega or Mr. Boom) now deal 185 damage (from 110). Bombs now pierce enemy armor.

-Blue spider damage has been reduced to 2x Isaac's damage (previously x2.5).

-Enemies that spawn other enemies upon death will now spawn less of them with each death if they're regenerating dark red champions.

-Yellow champions will no longer spawn on the first chapter.

-Batteries can no longer appear as room clear rewards without certain trinkets.

-Bomb Bum's payouts have changed to give coins and hearts back instead of more bombs.

-The Guppy transformation now grants a 50% chance to spawn a blue fly upon attacking enemies (previously 100%).

-The Stompy transformation now allows the player to crush rocks by walking over them.

-It is now possible to fully empty heart containers through donations or self harm items.

-Double red hearts can now uncommonly drop randomly (previously they only appeared in specific room layouts, killing dark red champions, or with Humbleing Bundle). The spawn chance is 1/20 in Normal mode and 1/50 in Hard mode.

-Sacrifice room spikes, curse room doors, spiked chests, Kamikaze, Sharp Plug, and the Bad Trip pill no longer compromise devil/angel room chances if they damage red hearts. These sources also no longer count as damage for scoring purposes.

-Most HP upgrades now heal more on pickup than previously.

-Boss challenge rooms now always contain a boss pool item. Isaac must be at one heart or less total to enter, including soul/black hearts.

-Super Sins no longer appear in the first chapter.

-Krampus can now only appear if the player has previously entered a devil deal.

-Devil deals now accept bone hearts, equal in worth to a regular heart container.

-Devil deal items cannot be purchased unless Isaac has the asking price.

-If Isaac only has one heart container, devil items that would normally cost two heart containers now cost one heart container plus two soul hearts.

-If Isaac has enough health of various types, the devil may randomly ask for three soul hearts, or a mixture of one heart container plus two soul hearts.

-Some items now cost more in devil deals. These include Dark Bum, Dead Cat, Ceremonial Robes, and Succubus.

-Reduced the price of Dark Prince's Crown to one heart in devil deals.

-Eternal chests are now guaranteed to pay out at least once.

-Bombs are Key pill now swaps golden keys/bombs. A carried golden key would change into a golden bomb, and vise versa.

-I'm Drowsy and I'm Excited pills now also affect the speed of the players and their attacks.

-Eden's starting tear delay can't get quite as bad as before (roughly ~15 tear delay maximum).

-Dark Judas now shares the same health properties as Blue Baby. Heart containers cannot be gained, and will instead be converted to soul hearts.

-The Lost's Holy Mantle is now an effect intrinsic to him once unlocked, and cannot be rerolled.

-The Lost's starting active has changed from the D4 to a new item.

-The Lost can only take one item per devil deal. Other options, if present, will disappear.

-Magdalene's unlockable starting pill changed to Full Health (from Speed Up). Both Full Health and Health Up are guaranteed to be in the run's pill rotation.

-Keeper can now have up to three heart containers. If the "Keeper now holds a penny" achievement has been unlocked, he will start with three.

-Keeper's starting speed has been increased to 0.9 (from 0.85).

-Keeper's starting tear delay has been reduced to 27.4 (from 28).

-Keeper is now unable to lose devil/angel deal chances through taking damage.

-Keeper is now unable to get Health Down pills.

-Devil deals now sell items for money instead of health when playing as Keeper.

-Hematemesis now spawns coins when playing as Keeper.

-Abaddon no longer kills Keeper when picked up, but reduces the amount of coin containers to one.

-Midas' Touch can now appear when playing as Keeper (previously it could not appear).

-Swallowed Penny now works similarly to Piggy Bank as Keeper, no longer guaranteeing a coin drop with every hit.

-Blood donation machines are no longer guaranteed to pay out as Keeper.

-Adjusted collision sizes for some entities, such as Peep/Bloat's eyes.

-Charmed enemies now inflict more damage to other enemies, and receive less contact damage.

-Mom and Satan's legs now deal contact damage. Does not apply to disjointed legs, such as from High Priestess or Broken Shovel.

-Fistula has been moved from the Cellar to the Caves.

-Poison Minds now float over obstacles, and explode on death.

-Drowned Chargers spawned from Drowned Hives now have reduced health.

-Fistuloids now have a death animation, which delays and telegraphs their attack.

-Restored a missing Blastocyst attack from the original game (the random arced shots when the largest form is jumping), and restored its original, larger shot size.

-Widow/Wretched's animations and behavior have been sped up to more closely resemble their Flash counterparts.

-Replaced Big Horn's ability to summon Little Horn with a new combo attack, in which Big Horn temporarily brings Little Horn out to shoot three consecutive smoke balls.

-Big Horn's black balls now bounce off of him when coming into contact instead of hurting him and destroying the balls.

-Conquest and the Isaac boss now use a delayed version of the Crack the Sky beam which leaves the player with enough time to move out of the way.

-Boss attacks that involve Crack the Sky beams are now more aggressive to compensate for the above change.

-Daddy Longlegs' and Triachnid's random stomp attacks are now distributed more evenly.

-Daddy Longlegs' and Triachnid's health have been increased to 500 (from 300).

-Ultra Pride baby (Florian) health has been increased to 30 (from 25).

-Increased the health of minibosses by varying amounts (does not include Krampus, Envy, or Super Envy).

-Mega Satan now has boss armor (not as much as Hush, don't worry).

-Reduced the health of Wizoobs and Red Ghosts to 20 base HP and 4 stage HP (from 25 base HP and 5 stage HP).

-Made several adjustments to the Matriarch:

-Decreased Fistula pieces spawned when changing phases to 1 (from 2)

-Spawning Fistuloids now consumes 30 HP, Fistuloids will not be spawned if this would cause a phase change (this does not apply to Fistuloid spam attack)

-Fistuloids will chase the player less aggressively and refrain from attacking while the Matriarch is doing her 8-way chubber attack

-Restock machines now explode when bombed. Still grants one reroll/restock in the process. They also appear much less frequently outside of Greed Mode.

-Holy Card's shield now persists between rooms/floors.

-"Ace" cards now convert all non-boss enemies in the room into the respective pickups. Still applies to other pickups in the room as well.

-Basic shooting familiars now fire at an increased rate, to match their rate of fire in the original game (every 22 frames, down from every 30 frames).

-Most forms of player creep now deal damage ticks at significantly increased rate.

-Familiars that mimic Isaac's movement (such as Shade, Papa Fly, or Obsessed Fan) now follow Isaac more closely (roughly a 0.66s delay, down from 2s).

-Aries now prevents receiving contact damage if ramming and killing enemies at full speed.

-Aquarius now synergizes with tear effects.

-Sissy Longlegs now charms enemies upon contact.

-Black Powder's pentagram can now damage flying enemies.

-Book of Secrets now avoids giving mapping effects that the player already has. If the player has all mapping effects, it grants the "I can see forever!" effect for the floor.

-White poop from Hallowed Ground is now more durable, similar to golden poop. While standing in the aura, Isaac's damage is now also increased by 25%, and his tears gain a homing effect.

-Cursed Eye can now shoot a maximum of 5 shots at a time (increased from the previous 4 shots maximum).

-Bloodshot Eye now blocks enemy shots, has increased shot speed and rate of fire, and now only shoots when lined up with enemies.

-Telepathy for Dummies now increases range upon use (roughly twice as much as regular range upgrades).

-Magneto is now capable of opening chests from a small distance. Does not apply to locked chests.

-Strange Attractor tears now pull enemies in with less force at first, but increase in magnetization as they travel.

-Holy Water is now a thrown projectile attack, similar in behavior to Bob's Brain. The puddle now also freezes enemies that come into contact with it, in addition to continuously damaging them.

-GB Bug is now a thrown projectile, activated by double tapping an attack button. It rerolls enemies and pickups it comes into contact with, then despawns. It returns after a room has been cleared.

-Charm of the Vampire now comes with a small damage upgrade (equal to that of Stigmata or MEAT!).

-Enemies killed by Spider Butt will now spawn friendly blue spiders.

-Match Book is now able to also drop the Match Stick trinket.

-Converter now only costs one soul heart to use (previously costed two).

-Increased the damage of Magic Fingers. The formula is now damage * 2 + 10 (previously the formula was simply damage * 2). Now mostly ignores the flat +40 bonus from Ipecac.

-Mom's Lipstick now grants more of a range increase than previously, and spawns a random heart upon pickup.

-Mom's Underwear now spawns 3-6 blue flies upon pickup.

-Mom's Heels now deals 12 damage to enemies coming into contact with Isaac.

-Mom's Pearls now grants a soul heart upon pickup.

-Mom's Purse now spawns a trinket.

-Increased the amount of spiders spawned from Box of Spiders to 4-8 (from 1-4).

-Increased the amount of spiders spawned from Spiderbaby to 2-5 (from 1-2).

-Increased the amount of flies spawned from Infestation to 2-6 (from 1-3).

-Lucky Foot now guarantees positive pill effects.

-Sister Maggy's tear damage has been increased to 5 (from 3.5), to match its original Flash damage.

-Brother Bobby now has an increased rate of fire.

-Abel now has an increased rate of fire. If picked up by Cain, it shoots blood tears and the damage becomes increased to 5 (instead of the usual 3.5).

-Missing Page 2 now doubles all black heart and Necronomicon damage (to 80 instead of the usual 40). The room damaging effect that triggers at one heart remaining now also deals 80 damage (instead of 40).

-Butter Bean now knocks back enemies and projectiles with significantly more force. If a pushed enemy hits a rock or wall forcefully enough, they take 10 damage.

-Marked now only begins to continuously fire once the player has pressed an attack button. The target starts near Isaac instead of the room's center. The target can be removed and firing stops if the player presses the card/trinket drop button, or when the player leaves the room.

-Familiars now automatically aim at enemies when being commanded by King Baby.

-Best Bud's contact damage has been increased to 10 (from 5).

-Brown Nugget flies now have faster shot speed, and their damage has been increased to 3.5 (from 2).

-Skatole now prevents damage from eternal flies and Hush flies.

-Bob's Curse bombs now leave behind a gas cloud that poisons enemies that move through it.

-Bob's Brain now has an increased delay before becoming available when entering rooms. Explosion damage has increased to 100 (from 60).

-Glass Cannon no longer removes the user's health upon firing. Upon taking damage, the cannon will break, the damage the player received is increased by two hearts (this extra damage cannot be fatal), and the player gains the Anemic effect for the room. The cannon will remain broken and unusable until recharged (four rooms, alternative means of charging still work).

-Dark Prince's Crown now grants more of an increase in rate of fire, and the bonus now breaks the soft tears cap.

-Bombs no longer knock each other around when the player has Fast Bombs, allowing for a more controlled line of explosions.

-Dead Sea Scrolls now displays the name of the given effect, and can no longer give Kamikaze.

-Kamikaze now has increased blast damage and radius (equal to that of Mr. Mega bombs).

-Mine Crafter has been updated to allow remote detonation of the placed TNT by activating the item again while uncharged. Previously, this remote detonation feature required another charge on the item. TNT will now always be placed if the item is used while charged, allowing for more than one barrel to be active at a time if more charges are available.

-The damage tick rates on Little Chubby and Big Chubby have been increased.

-Lil Gurdy can deal significantly more damage (dependent on charge), and now bounces off of enemies and obstacles.

-Monster Manual familiars now persist for the entire floor. Charge time has been increased to 6 (from 3).

-Book of Belial's (and by extension The Devil card's) effect is now stackable.

-Rosary now gives a tears upgrade (equal to that of the Screw).

-Ghost Pepper now shoots spectral blue flames that scale with Isaac's damage and luck.

-The Inner Eye now causes less of a decrease in rate of fire than previously, and now has a tighter spread.

-Boomerang is now piercing, and has far less downtime between throwing it and being able to fire tears again.

-Scatter Bombs' small bombs now pop out in a less erratic cluster that explode quickly.

-Adrenaline now grants an increasingly higher damage bonus the more empty heart containers Isaac has.

-The Negative now grants a passive damage upgrade (equal to that of Steven or Pentagram).

-Hot Bombs now have greatly increased contact damage (increased from 1 to 16), and passively grants Isaac immunity to fire.

-Wiggle Worm, Ring Worm, and Hook Worm now grant spectral tears.

-Umbilical Cord now has a high chance to spawn a Gemini familiar for the room when Isaac takes damage. This effect is stackable.

-Finger Bone's chance to grant a bone heart has been increased to 5% per hit taken (from 2%).

-Stem Cell now heals Isaac's heart containers to 50% each floor. If Isaac already has 50% health or more, it does the previous effect of healing half of a heart.

-Glyph of Balance now also modifies room clear rewards.

-Teleport! now allows the player to influence the teleport direction (using the direction Isaac is moving upon activating the item).

-Void and Black Rune can now suck up items that are held over Isaac's head. This allows usage on purchased shop/devil items.

-Void no longer activates effects immediately upon sucking them up. This allows for more strategic activation timing for single-use actives.

-Scissors has been redesigned. The stationary head is now affected by Isaac's stats and attack modifiers, and the body will spew a controllable fountain of blood shots. Charge time increased to 4 (from 2).

-Dr. Fetus bombs now scale with the player's tear size and are now immune to knockback from their own explosions. The damage formula of the bombs has changed from damage * 5 + 30 to damage * 10.

-Kidney Bean now has a bigger effect radius, no longer deals damage to the enemies it's charming, and charge time has been reduced to 1 (from 2).

-Kidney Stone is no longer a speed downgrade.

-Explosivo tears now deal damage upon impact.

-D10 now attempts to reroll enemies into enemies of similar health.

-Ipecac explosion size now scales with tear size.

-Technology beam size now scales with damage, and lasers inherit angles from movement, similar to tears.

-Libra's damage and fire rate formulas have been adjusted.

-Tear Detonator is now a timed recharge (previously 1 room charge).

-A Pony's charge time has been reduced to 2 (from 4). Ram damage formula has changed to damage * 4 + 28 (previously dealt a static 40 damage). The charge direction now allows for a minor amount of control.

-White Pony's charge time has been reduced to 2 (from 6). The beams of light now trail behind Isaac when charging with it (damage formula of the beams is damage * 4 + 10). Otherwise functions identically to the regular Pony.

-Friendly Ball's charge time has been reduced to 2 (from 3). Walking over the thrown ball after capturing an enemy will immediately recharge it.

-Bob's Rotten Head's charge time has been reduced to 2 (from 3). Damage has been increased to 185 (from 50). Upon exploding, it now leaves behind a gas cloud that poisons enemies that move through it.

-Box of Friends' charge time has been reduced to 3 (from 4).

-Flush's charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6).

-Necronomicon's charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6).

-The Bible's charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6).

-My Little Unicorn's charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6).

-Gamekid's charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6).

-Invincibility effects with contact damage (such as Gamekid) now deal 20 damage every half second (from 40 damage every full second, meaning potential DPS is unchanged, but feels more responsive). If an enemy is at 40 HP or less, they will still be killed immediately on contact.

-Chaos now assigns a "weight" to item pools based on how many items are in the pool. The more items in a pool, the more likely that pool will be picked.

-D Infinity has been reworked. Press the drop button to cycle through to the next dice (there is no limit to this). Charge time scales based on the chosen dice, updating with each usage. No longer forces the player to use a different effect.

-The Nail's temporary damage bonus has been increased, and is now able to stack with itself. Now grants a half black heart upon use instead of a full soul heart.

-Odd Mushroom (thick) is now a larger damage increase (equal to that of Steven/Pentagram), but now also a larger speed downgrade (from -0.1 to -0.2).

-Tiny Planet's orbit now more tightly follows Isaac. To help with range, the orbit is now also offset based on the current direction Isaac is shooting.

-Pyromaniac now grants Isaac immunity to fire, but no longer protects against stomps or shockwaves. Explosions now only heal Isaac for half of a heart (previously healed a full heart).

-Abaddon now only grants two black hearts, but now also converts heart containers into black hearts instead of simply removing them.

-Technology 2 no longer decreases Isaac's damage stat (the damage of the laser itself is unaffected by this change). Rate of fire is still halved as previously, but this reduction now also applies to tear replacements, such as Brimstone, Mom's Knife, etc.

-Isaac's Heart can now be repositioned easier, as it tries to stay opposite of the direction Isaac is shooting. As Isaac shoots, it will charge up and, when released, will repel all nearby enemies and release blood shots in eight directions. Isaac's body gains a larger hitsphere than previously to block shots with, and is also pushed less by enemies. While an enemy is in contact with Isaac's body, they take 7 damage over 2-3 ticks per second. Enemies now target Isaac's body instead of the heart. This item no longer prevents damage from self harm mechanics/items.

-Sharp Plug's cost has been reworked to depend on the amount of charge bars missing. It takes half of a heart per charge, and can now be used on partially charged items. It now stops short of dealing fatal damage, and cannot be used at half of a heart. Now takes red hearts first.

-Satanic Bible, if used on the floor before defeating the boss, now changes the boss item drop to a random devil deal that must be paid for. The Polaroid/Negative pedestals are unaffected.

-Shard of Glass now causes Isaac to start bleeding upon taking damage, slowly draining his red health over time. While bleeding, he leaves a trail of creep, and spews a fountain of controllable blood shots. The effect ends when Isaac receives any kind of red heart healing, or when he runs out of red health to use (it cannot kill him).

-Head of Krampus now deals 10 damage over 19 ticks (from 22 damage over 20 ticks). Charge time has been reduced to 3 (from 6).

-Pinking Shears' charge time has been reduced to 4 (from 6). Damage tick rate of the body has been reduced. The speed of the body now depends on the player's speed stat. If the player is able to fly (prior to activating the effect), then the body will be able to fly as well.

-Proptosis is no longer a flat multiplier to the damage stat (it's now a lesser additive increase). Tear damage is still determined by a distance-based multiplier, and at point blank it will do more damage than previously (up to 300% damage). Damage scales linearly down to 0% with distance.

-Bloody Lust's damage bonus has been adjusted (previous order was +0.5, +0.5, +0.5, +33%, +33%, +33%, new order is +0.5, +0.7, +0.9, +1.1, +1.3, +1.5).

-Blank Card now only works with cards. Charge time is now dependent on the held card, and will update with each activation.

-Placebo's charge time is now dependent on the held pill, and will update with each activation.

-The Virus' poison effect no longer drops black hearts. Enemies coming into contact with Isaac now immediately take 12 damage, and the poison effect lasts for either 6-7 ticks (previously 5-6 ticks). The damage from the poison effect scales with the amount of red health Isaac has, dealing up to 30.8 damage per tick at 12 full red hearts. The -0.1 speed downgrade has been changed to a +0.2 speed upgrade.

-Soy Milk tears now cause drastically less knockback.

-Stop Watch now slows down all enemies in the game once again, but the slow effect is much less drastic. No longer has an "on hit" effect.

-Dark Bum now has a chance to drop pills, cards, or runes. If he drops a heart, it will always be a black heart.

-Tarot Cloth now only buffs tarot cards. Some cards that previously did not benefit from doubling now have unique effects.

-Red Candle flames now time out after ten seconds and automatically extinguish. They also no longer block player attacks or get extinguished by them.

-Notched Axe now functions as a melee attack that breaks rocks and damages enemies in its path. It has a limited amount of uses per floor, decreasing with every hit that connects with a rock/enemy.

-Little Horn's tear effect isn't piercing anymore, but can now summon Big Horn's hand to slap bosses for extra damage. Still is an instant kill on regular enemies, and features a new animation of Big Horn's hand grabbing them.

-Locusts of War (including the ones generated by 7 Seals) now have smaller explosions, which should result in less self damage taken from them.

-Glowing Hourglass now refunds certain resources that it didn't before (such as keys/health spent to enter special rooms). Charge time has been increased to 3 (from 2).

-Deep Pockets no longer adds a pill/card slot, instead increases money cap to 999. When a room clear would otherwise yield no rewards, it now spawns 1-3 pennies.

-Acid Baby's pill drop rate has been reduced to every 6-7 rooms (previously every 2-3 rooms). Upon using a pill, all enemies in the room now take 10 damage and become poisoned for 6-7 ticks (previously only had the poison effect for 2 ticks).

-Telekinesis has more downtime between being able to activate it again, and now repels nearby enemies. Enemy shots picked up now retain their properties (such as appearance, or ability for Ipecac shots to explode).

-Book of the Dead's charge time has been increased to 6 (from 4). Generated orbitals now break more easily.

-Reduced the amount of speed given by Roid Rage to +0.3 (from +0.6).

-Reduced the amount of speed given by Growth Hormones to +0.2 (from +0.4).

-Lead Pencil's tear barrage no longer deals double damage.

-Removed the double damage multiplier on Mongo Baby's attacks.

-Technology Zero's lasers now deal 30% of the player's damage stat per tick (from 100%).

-Sharp Straw is now only able to generate half red hearts (previously, it generated half soul hearts if the player had no heart containers). Now mostly ignores the +40 damage from Ipecac in its damage formula.

-Piercing shots no longer damage segmented enemies (such as Larry Jr) multiple times per attack.

-Full run reroll effects (such as D4) are now able to remove heart containers and transformations if losing the respective items during the reroll. Rerolls also do not directly grant health, and heart containers gained from rerolling will start empty.

-Damage tick rates from Smart Fly, Hushy, and ???'s Only Friend have been decreased.

-Lil Brimstone is now unable to start charging until he is finished attacking. Beam damage has been decreased to 2.5 over 8 ticks (from 3.5 over 9 ticks).

-Most orbitals (aside from Big Fan and attack flies) have decreased collision size, rotate around Isaac more quickly, and deal less damage ticks per second.

-Host Hat no longer protects against stomps or shockwaves.

-Empty Vessel now requires the timer to reach a twenty second interval twice in one room before triggering invincibility (previously triggered invincibility the first time the timer reached 00, 20, or 40 seconds while in the room, allowing players to enter every room invincible with enough patience).

-Electricity arcs generated from Jacob's Ladder now have a maximum range unless chained through enemies. They also cannot deal extra damage to the enemy being hit by the tear.

-Brimstone beam duration has been reduced, dealing 9 ticks of damage total (down from 13), and it no longer gains bonus damage from Tammy's Head, Sad Bombs, or Varicose Veins.

-Mom's Knife default thrown range has been reduced. The bonus damage gained from charging is now removed much more quickly as the thrown knife returns to Isaac.

-Maw of the Void no longer comes with a damage upgrade, and no longer generates black hearts.

-Athame no longer generates black hearts.

-Serpent's Kiss no longer generates black hearts from the poison tears (the contact effect still can).

-Mitre now only has a 33% chance to convert red heart drops into soul hearts (down from 50%).

-The Relic now generates soul hearts less frequently.

-Rune Bag now generates runes less frequently.

-Tech X damage is now calculated based on charge, starting from 25% at minimal charge to 100% at full charge. The maximum ring size has been reduced. Shots now also dissipate more quickly upon coming into contact with walls.

-Most bomb modifiers are now chance based (scaling with luck) when used with Dr. Fetus or Epic Fetus.

-Incubus attacks deal 25% less damage as characters other than Lilith, and are now affected by the player's range and shot speed stats.

-20/20 now reduces the player's damage by 25%.

-Holy Mantle shield effects (including those from Blanket and Holy Card) now have significantly less invulnerability frames when lost.

-Damage from Razor Blade and Blood Rights now ignores invincibility effects, similar to IV Bag.

-Humbleing Bundle has been changed to be chance based instead of guaranteeing every pickup to be a doubled variant.

-Reduced Cracked Crown's stat bonuses to +20% (from +33%) and removed the flat independent tears upgrade from it.

-Lucky Rock now has a 33% chance to drop a coin for every rock destroyed (previously 100%).

-Flat Penny, Burnt Penny, and Bloody Penny now have a 25% chance to drop extra pickups (previously 50%).

-Moving Box now has a cap of 6 held items/pickups (previously unlimited). Packing up chests/items from challenge rooms now starts the ambush.

-Restock now exponentially increases the asking price with every shop purchase, and no longer spawns random pickups when the item is obtained.

-Mr. ME! no longer restocks shops when stealing from them.

-Obtaining more than one Steam Sale no longer makes shop items free, but still further reduces their price.

-Random shop sales (for further reduced prices) will no longer occur with Steam Sale.

-Scapular won't grant its soul heart if the player is attempting to proc it with certain heart donation mechanics (such as IV Bag).

-Reduced the shield duration of the Algiz rune to 20 seconds (from 30 seconds).

-Damage upgrades (and other tear size increases) don't increase tear size quite as much as before.

Item pool changes:





-Skeleton Key (at reduced weight)


-Belly Button


-Notched Axe

-Epic Fetus

-Crystal Ball

-Blank Card

-Judas' Shadow

-D Infinity

Reduced weight:


-Magic Mushroom

-The Relic

-The Halo

-Mom's Knife


-Death's Touch

-Holy Mantle

-The Mind

-The Body

-The Soul

-Holy Light




-Notched Axe


-Sack of Sacks

Reduced weight:

-Blank Card


-Sack Head

-Mama Mega!

-Crooked Penny






-Belly Button

-The Halo

-Magic Mushroom

-Little Steven (outside of the Steven boss fight)

Reduced weight:


-Super Bandage




-Money = Power

-A Quarter

-Bloody Lust

-Lusty Blood

-Forget Me Now (at reduced weight)

Reduced weight:





-Blood of the Martyr

-Hallowed Ground

Reduced weight:





-Epic Fetus


-Sack Head

-Sack of Sacks

-D Infinity


-A Quarter

-Mr. Mega


-Bomb Bag




-Monster Manual

(Golden/Stone Chest)



-The Belt

-Mom's Underwear

-Mom's Pearls

-Wire Coat Hanger

-A Quarter

-Magic 8 Ball



-Torn Photo

-Latch Key

-Match Book

-Crack Jacks


-Mr. Dolly

-PJs (at reduced weight)

-Lead Pencil (at reduced weight)

-Schoolbag (at reduced weight)

-Dad's Lost Coin

-Midnight Snack



-Fate's Reward


-Cricket's Head

-Bob's Rotten Head

-Sack of Pennies

-Blood Bag

-Bomb Bag

-IV Bag

-Little Baggy


-Goat Head


-Little Baggy

-Mystery Sack

-Bob's Brain

-Rune Bag

-Head of the Keeper

-Sack of Sacks

(Demon Beggar)




-The Mark

-The Pact

-Lord of the Pit (at reduced weight)

-The Nail

-Loki's Horns

-Whore of Babylon

-Razor Blade

-Forget Me Now (at reduced weight)

-Spirit of the Night (at reduced weight)

-Abaddon (at reduced weight)

-Dark Matter

-Dark Bum

-Empty Vessel

-Black Powder



-Acid Baby

(Key Master)



-Obsessed Fan

-Papa Fly


-Mr. ME!

-Latch Key

(Bomb Bum)



-Remote Detonator

-Mr. Mega

-Glitter Bombs



-Bogo Bombs

-Bomb Bag

Reduced weight:


Hard Mode changes:


-Reduced the frequency of tinted rocks.

-Reduced the soul heart drop rate from blue/purple fireplaces to 10% (normal mode percentage is the usual 25%).

-Shops can randomly be lower level, even with upgrades unlocked for them.

-IV Bag now only pays out with one coin per use, to match the payout rate of blood donation machines in Hard mode.

-Added new "micro batteries" that restore 2 bars of charge.

-Shot speed for many classic enemies has been increased.

-Increased the charging speed of Horseman bosses.

-Does not prevent rooms marked as "lower difficulty" from spawning anymore, but makes them less likely to appear.

-Bomb Bums and Key Masters no longer adhere to the 6 payment minimum of beggars in Hard mode, allowing payouts earlier than before.

-The reduction of heart drops has been changed to -33% (previously -65%), and bosses can drop hearts again.

Edit: I guess Edmund wasn't joking when he said that he was bringing back some of the difficulty from the original BoI. The new areas, new bosses, and new enemies are pretty rough. I imagine it'll just take time to learn the new ones but I encountered a few rooms where not getting hit seemed damn near impossible without an incredibly good setup. We'll see how it goes but there's a ton of new stuff to unlock and discover.
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