BFG is going out of business - do not buy

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Oct 16, 2009
I bought 3 BFG lower end cards between end of June and Mid July. Got all 3 rebates cards last week. So it does look like they are at least honoring rebates for now.
Rebates are usually handled by a third-party company, not the manufacturer.

Anyhow, this is old news.


May 22, 2007
You don't need to be rude.

The PC community in general is upset over BFG going out of business. A lot of peopel are going to be burned by this. They were the one brand you could walk into BB and buy without worry.

What happened to BFG is one of the two big reasons I will no longer buy Nvidia products. BFG was a good company that did treated their customers right.
you forgot #3:

rollo and his buddy/alter ego ******* are insufferable douchebags.

of course, none of that prevented me from going with a gtx 460 when I liked the deal ;) I'm such a whore...


Jan 29, 2005
This goes to show how far behind the video card times I am. I did not know that AMD/ATI was kicking this much ass in the market.


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Oct 13, 1999
The PC community in general is upset over BFG going out of business. A lot of peopel are going to be burned by this.
Yeah, especially those who lost their jobs when BFG went out of business. :'(

Do these companies typically build their own cards (I know they do for non-reference, or at least order them from a third party) or does an OEM like Sapphire or Foxconn build them?
Some companies physically build their own, such as Asus, Foxconn, Sapphire, Palit, Galaxy and a few others. Some do not own actual manufacturing plants thus contracting out, such as BFG, EVGA, PNY, Visiontek and maybe others.

It's like this: How many PSU companies build their own? Okay, Seasonic does, as does FSP, Enermax and maybe a few other lesser known brands of lesser availability or popularity (Etasis? HEC?). However, most "brands" on the market just leverage their marketing acumin with the manufacturing prowess of some Asian CEM for their products. This includes Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, Ultra, BFG, OCZ, Thermaltake, even PC Power & Cooling among others.

Very cheap company, they slapped on cheap pcb on their video cards,, just like XFX will soon go out of business too and Pony LOL,
Uh, what? Dunno which "very cheap company" you are talking about, but the higher end reference cards all come from Foxconn or Flextronics, no matter which Nvidia partner stickers their name onto the finished product. Non reference can either go pseudo high end (with dubious results), go completely low end ("cost down") or just slap a fancy cooler on it and call it a day. This is true of pretty much all partners.