Better Gaming [Configurations]


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Jul 3, 2005
*I apolozise if this is not the correct place to post this.*

1) I?ve decided that I got too much **** running in the background while I?m gaming so I?ve decided to make a different profile so I can have the least amount of things running in the background. Problem is, even after that?I still got 30 processes running. On my other computer, I only have a total of 15 processes (That one is pretty old, and it doesn?t have much running). I would like for this one to have the least possible. These are what that?s running right now:


Note: I?ve disabled services for this profile by going to services.msc, properties, log on, then disable what I don?t want from there. Was that the right way to do it?

2) I?ve made another account for XP so it doesn?t have window blinds, icon packager, Object dock, YZshadow and all that other junk running on the background. However, I need to know if I go to visual effects, and turn everything off, will it affect my other account? I hope not cause that?s really wack since you should be able to customize your visuals the way u want it without affecting others. The reason I?m weary is because if you change resolutions, it effects the whole computer, not just an account so I want to clarify that is not the case with this. (Hopefully)

I would also like to disable the touchpad ONLY under the new Profile and account. Is that even possible?

3) Is there anything else I can do to optimize my computer that will only be affected when I use the ?gaming profile? and on my ?gaming account??

I know it probably wouldn't make a difference but I'd like to try it anyways and find out for myself.

Thanks to all that help.


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Dec 13, 2003
Changing the visual settings on one account won't affect the other. But all that work seems a bit much cause it will only likely cause about a .05% improvement in games...


May 20, 2004
I recommend HijackThis sweep the stuff you are running and whatever starts up. Maybe you can clean up some stuff and that SHOULD increase performance a little bit. Go to HijackThis and download the latest version. Run it. Copy and paste the log into the box on the website and it's smooth sailing from there.