Best way to intercom / party chat with headsets?


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Feb 20, 2001
I have a boat that would greatly benefit from having a few wireless headsets that various people in my party could throw on to more clearly communicate for tight maneuvering. It seems like there's not much out there to solve this problem. SENA makes an expensive solution for up to 4 and there are a couple motorcycle oriented products that seem like they're only made to fit into a helmet. I've considered just buying those and fabbing some sort of headbands.

I'd prefer to have about 4 sets of small IP67/68 headsets that don't require wires to an external transmitter pack... some people wearing them will be standing in chest deep salt water.
I have 110v and 12v power available on the boat for the base station/center
They could pair with my phone / galaxy note / ipad or I also have a NUC setup in the works that could potentially also serve.
I need about 20-50 feet of distance from a headset to the base station. 2 individuals might be ~75 feet away from each other.
I'm sure i could make something work if everybody paired the headset to their phone and joined a call / mumble / discord / etc, but would really prefer something that doesn't rely on their devices and "just works" for the most part.
Even something that's just listen only at the headsets with the voice sent from the helm would be better than yelling over the wind and commotion.
Don't think i need a great deal of privacy over this setup as long as it's easy to turn off when not in use.

What do small scale private security groups use for what I assume is a similar problem?
Are there low power VHF/CB radios that are all self contained in the headset?
It seems like there should be something really obvious that I'm just not realizing?