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Best streaming service for documentaries and classic movies on mi box/chromecast?


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Nov 20, 2007
My dad now has a lot of free time on his hands and he's at home exercising and watching these poor quality local channels. Sometimes the things he watches just puzzles me lol. So I'd like to get him a Mi Box and hook him up with my Amazon Prime Video so he can watch something bettter. Looking on Prime video, there doesn't seem to be that many documentaries and classic movies however. I was thinking documentaries on nature (Planet Earth for example), history and life. Classic movies such as Casablanca, cowboy movies, anything highly rated off imdb. I guess I could torrent some, but I'm trying to be more ethical nowadays lol.


Mar 23, 2015
VICE, Smithsonian Channel, PBS, TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

Unfortunately, I think cable television and piracy still make it easier to find new and interesting documentaries on a regular basis without much effort.

Probably just going to have to show him how to search through categories and find stuff to watch. And then hopefully once he starts watching stuff it will lead him to other material to watch.

Maybe use a movie lineup from a tv channel like HDNET Movies if he is interested in westerns and "good" classic movies and send him recommendations to search for if he can't do it himself (you know old people...).
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