Question Best motherboard and DDR5 2 X 16GB 7200 CL 34-36 XMP RAM kit for Core i7-13700K that will be rock solid perfectly stable at XMP with little to no tune


Oct 9, 2022
I am coming back to Intel after bad experience with AMD.

I am going to get a Core i7-13700K and e-cores will be disabled and will use P cores only as I wanted 8 of them. Will clock them at 5.3 to 5.4GHz static and air cool it for colder temps and much lower power draw than 13900k/KS at 5.6/5.7GHz

Now I want to go DDR5 route and I want it to work this time. I had nothing but a terrible experience with 5 different Asus Z790 boards (yes even including Apex) and 5 different DDR5 kits ranging from 6000 to 7200 in which they gave WHEA or random BSODs running OCCT Large Data Set variable test proving not stable. This was across 3 different 13900K/KS CPUs (Those were all sold and for good money)

I want to give DDR5 another go but I want 7200 to work well.

Now Asus is absolutely rule out.

affxct over at stated intel Alder Lake and Raptor Lake have signal balancing issues.

They mention it is worst with Asus and best is eVGA Dark Z690/Z790 where it works with little to no work.

Is the eVGA Dark good and coudl you recommend a good 2 X 16GB 7200 DDR5 kit that would work well with a 13700K and eVGA Z690 Dark?

Are there any other motherboards that are good. affxct mentions that even MSI and Gigabyte have issues as well and eVGA works best. Is that true in your opinion??

And is the eVGA Z690 Dark good overall? And thing to be concerned with about it?? Like does it have a VRM fan as I do not want one. And if it does can you disable it or unplug it or does it even run?

Can you share your thoughts.

Help greatly appreciated.
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