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Best Headphones/Ear buds under $30?

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Sep 14, 2003
Not sony earbuds/canalphones... but the rest of the recommendations in this thread are good. I had KSC-75s for a while. A few years... paid $15 and only stopped using them because the wire got mangled.


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Jun 27, 2005
Originally posted by: potato28
Koss KSC75 --------------- ~$20 Clip-On, Extreme Value
JVC HA-FX33 -------------- ~$20 In-Ear, Budget IEMs (AKA "Marshmallows")
Creative EP-630 ---------- ~$30 In-Ear, Excellent entry level IEMs
Koss Portapro ------------- ~$35 Open Supraaural, Collapsible
Yuin PK3 ----------------- ~$35 Ear-bud, Great sound to replace stock buds
Sennheiser PX100 --------- ~$40 Open Supraaural, Collapsible
Grado iGrado --------------- $50 Open Supraaural, Street-style (SR60 drivers?)
CrossRoads MylarOne X3 ---- $57 In-Ear, High class sound at a low price
AKG K81DJ --------------- ~$60 Closed Supraaural, Bassy portables
Etymotic ER6i ------------ ~$70 In-Ear, Entry level Etymotic house sound
Grado SR60 ---------------- $70 Open Supraaural, Rocker (Bass light, though)
Sony MDR V6 ------------- ~$70 Closed Circumaural, Good All-rounder
Audio-Technica ATH-A500 - ~$90 Closed Circumaural, Gateway drug to higher models (Recommended for gaming, no need for amping)
Alessandro MS1 ------------ $100 Open Supraaural, Master Rocker (improved SR60)
Equation Audio Tools RP-21 ~$100 Closed Circumaural, Nice Bass, Good all around (been compared to HD600)
Sennheiser HD555 --------- ~$100 Open Circumaural, More forward than HD580 (not as refined, but don't require amp)
Westone UM1 ------------- ~$110 In-Ear, Fun-punchy In ear sound, comfortable
Audio Technica ATH-ES7 -- ~$110 Closed Supraaural, Portable non-collapsible (Bling finish)
Goldring DR150 ------------ ~$130 Open Circumaural, UK Hi-Fi stuff (Sennheiser competitors, some say DR150 win)
Sennheiser HD580 --------- ~$130 Open Circumaural, Hi-Fi stuff (Needs proper amplification to sound best)
Beyerdynamic DT770 ------ ~$140 Closed Circumaural, BASS=Good for Gaming (2 Versions: 80 Ohm & 250 Ohm. 250=NEED amp)

Not my list, quoted from Head-Fi
Found it in an older thread...


Nov 25, 2003
My vote goes to the 35$ Koss PortaPros. They are decently comfy, but are non-isolating. They have a bit extra bass kick than neutral, which is nice for the gym, or if you just like bass kick.