Best head unit for an 1997 infiniti J30 for around $50

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    A good friend is in the Marine Corps and is stationed in Japan. He has a old infiniti J30. His stock head unit doesn't always work. Sometimes the CD won't play some times the radio. The infiniti dealership told him a few years ago that he needs a new HU. Well I know for a fact that he doesn't want to keep the car after his enlistment is over (2 years). He's not home much but when he is (20ish day visits twice a year) I would like him to at least be able to listen to his iPhone via the HU.

    There are many head units in the $50 range. Which one should I go with? I honestly don't want to spend any more. It's just not worth it. 80 days of max use? Nah.

    Also any idea on how much it's going to cost to have someone install it?
    Best Buy looks like $50

    I would do it myself but I'm rarely home and would like this to be ready to go by the time his flight arrives. (22 days from Thanksgiving)

    Thanks guys and have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    I am not apposed to black friday sales. If you have something worth while I'll stand in a line for it. But only if it's really worth it. I hate the craziness.
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