Best Data MP3-64 "Cabo 64" MP3 Player for $99.94


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Aug 29, 2000
.It stores about an hour of near-CD-quality MP3 files with its 64 MB of built-in memory and is expandable up to 96 MB when using a 32 MB SmartMedia memory card. Its LCD screen indicates song title, artist, and playing time of each MP3 track as well as battery life, mode, and function key status. It also stores up to 250 telephone numbers whatever u may use that for...

The price is $149.94 and with a $50 MIR the price goes down to $99.94

I'm sure there is some coupon u can add to this to sweeten it further...

The mp3 player

Rebate 2nd side


Dec 13, 2000
Perhaps you could make this deal a bit sweeter by adding the SanDisk 32MB SmartMedia card located here. to make it a 96MB MP3 Player for a grand total of $106.88

149.94 MP3 Player
+56.94 32MB SmartMedia card
-50.00 50 off 200 electronics purchase coupon
-50.00 MIR from BestData
106.88 for 96MB MP3 Player

Now that is a good deal... I think I might have even talked myself into that...

Edit: I just found the one down fall to this whole thing... its interface is Parallel Port :(
Still a pretty good deal if you can deal with the speed...