Best Buy is still "whording" Wiis


Dec 12, 2000
Sorry, I know there's a Wii thread but most of the responses there are people who have a Wii, not people still looking.

So I was all excited about buying a Wii at the local Best Buy this morning (Ross Township area near Pittsburgh--at my uncle's) and I was there at 4AM along with about 60 or so gatecrashers. They all went straight to computers and TV sections, I went to the video games area and I was one of only 10 people looking for Wiis. None were on the shelves.

I was a little pissed, but there was this one guy who was "quite visibly" upset and the manager came over to explain the situation. Apparently Best Buy has a BIG WII AD coming out soon (possibly this Sunday, most likely next weekend) and many stores are stocking up on Wiis and won't be selling them until the ad hits because there will be a guarantee of a certain number of units in each store, and they need to stock up to hit that requirement (I'm thinking at least 50, possibly 60-80??)

Many of the big metro area stores might be selling Wiis this weekend since they are getting more shipments and will be able to restock before the "guaranteed minimum in stock" ad hits, and some markets may already be running that ad. But for those of you who didn't see any mention of Wii #'s in your local Best Buy ad this week, don't even bother looking for one there this weekend. Wait until the "guaranteed minimum" ad hits in your area, as they'll be holding on to them until that day.