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Best budget 55" TV 2020

Harry Gover

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Apr 4, 2020

I have a Sammy 32" LCD from 2007. Seems it is past it's days. Now I need to upgrade to 55", My budget would be <50K. Which one is better right now - VU Cinema OR MI TV. Or do you people recommend somethign else?

I also see that 65" are available at about 55K. My viewing distance is about 2m. Would it be advisable to go for 65"?


Jun 13, 2000
#1. I don't like "Apps" and "Tech Junk". I prefer solid-state appliances and things that don't require mandatory upgrades.
I don't like the concept of buying a $30-40k car or truck that has a lot of apps and tech stuff that can break or requires upgrades and updates or becomes obsolete before the useful life of the vehicle. I typically have a TV for 10+ years before I update it. If I'm going to buy a smart TV, the screen will either need to be dirt cheap or it needs to be from a reputable company that will maintain the firmware/software. Just stating that so you know where I'm coming from.

I purchased a HiSense Roku Tv....it's not the H8F...I think it's maybe a 6 series. It's a 55" that I picked up from Best Buy with a Google Home Mini for $230 + Tax in December. The Roku responsiveness and everything, including remote is almost nicer than my $600 Vizio in my main media room.

I think HiSense also has Android TV screens. I don't know anything about those. I can only say, I would consider replacing my 11 year old 50" Panasonic Plasma with one of these if I see another deal in the low-mid $200 range. Most recently, I saw a 58" on sale at Walmart for $280. That's your range....$200-300 for one of those. I really like the Roku...check them out if you can find them in stores or online. Mine even has 3 HDMI inputs, I use an antenna to get local channels and just found out you can simply put a 16GB usb stick in it and use that to pause live TV. Pretty awesome.


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Jul 14, 2020
I recommend you to go for TCL 55S425 which is considered as the Best budget 55-inch TV. And if you are not brand conscious then you can also go for Vizio M558-G1


Apr 27, 2000
What's the best 55" that allows casting from an iPhone without wifi? From what I've seen, Roku devices don't support that except on an app-by-app basis. The Roku app requires wifi.

edit: I'm guessing the tv needs to be AirPlay 2 compatible, which means Sony, Vizio, LG, and Samsung
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Jul 1, 2001
The funny thing is that 65" TV's are so cheap now that they're becoming the sensible replacement for those 42" LCD TV's and 50" plasma TV's from 10 years ago.

I just got a 65" Samsung 4K QLED TV from Amazon for $699. That's a damn good TV for that price. Works with Apple AirPlay and Microsoft Desktop Sharing, too :)
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