Question Best "bang for the buck" thin client under $60 these days?


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Jan 23, 2007
About a year and a half ago, I bought a couple of HP T620 thin clients to mess around with, using them to build Linux Mint desktop PC's. I finally got around to upgrading them less than a year ago. These use an AMD GX-415GA Quad-Core APU that seemed pretty peppy at the time, given the low power use. Cpu Marks score of about 1,400. The built in gpu on the processor is a Radeon HD 8330E, & gives a G3D Marks score of 251. Uses about 5 Watts at idle, and 12 Watts maximum, on a 65 Watt external Power supply.

Would this still be the best "bang for your buck" thin client now, or is there something else that is available under, say $70 that uses less than 20 Watts and has better
performance than the AMD GX 415GA?