Question Best and most robust FTP... but easy to use.


Oct 22, 2015
For FTP I have been using an older program for years called CuteFTP. It has worked flawlessly for 15 years, but over the last 6 months I have had problems with it. I installed FileZilla and have some of the same problems. I decided that the problem was my ancient Windows computer that started life as a Win7 computer 11 years ago and only has been updated over time. Yesterday I replaced it with a brand new Ryzen 9 computer and have the same problems.

I am wondering if you could either recommend a really good robust FTP (I don't mind paying for one) or give me some time of guidance on best settings to have a stable FTP connection?

I get error messages like:

COMMAND:>    [3/9/2023 3:56:21 PM] PORT 192,168,0,140,212,106
        [3/9/2023 3:56:22 PM] 501 Server cannot accept argument.
ERROR:>       [3/9/2023 3:56:22 PM] Syntax error in parameters or arguments.
ERROR:>       [3/9/2023 3:56:22 PM] Failed to establish data socket.
ERROR:>       [3/9/2023 3:58:30 PM] Control connection closed.

Another, I didn't write down, but something like "Host Terminated Connection."

With Filezilla, I get "Directory Listing Failed" 4-5 times before it will give me a listing and this is the error that it gives me:

Error:    The data connection could not be established: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted
Response:    550 The network connection was aborted by the local system.
Error:    Failed to retrieve directory listing

I have a simple system and am not going through a VPN or a firewall that needs ports opened.

I have looked at some FTP clients and WSFTP seems to be highly thought of.



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Mar 10, 2012
The various desktop ftp clients I have experience with all require the user to set up port forwarding, which you say you'd rather not have to do.

You could try a web-based ftp app so port forwarding isn't necessary. Bluehost lists these 2 (I haven't used them). I construe the fact that they list these as their endorsement for them:

Monsta FTP Lite

Comparison of FTP client software

Also, the documentation for your router and modem probably explain how you can set up port forwarding for the other (non web-based) ftp clients, like coreFTP. It's easy if you find good instructions. Remember that it has to be done separately in your router and then again in your modem.
Jul 27, 2020
Winscp works well for moving files around.
I discovered it today while trying to connect to an SSH authenticated SFTP server. CoreFTP didn't have any options for that, that I could find. Someone on Superuser mentioned WinSCP so gave that a try. The login dialog was a bit confusing because the Advanced button had a drop down menu that gave no indication that something would happen if I clicked the Advanced button directly. I finally did and found the SSH private key file option. Gave it the OpenSSH key that I had created in Windows 10. It said that it only supported Putty format but then asked to convert the key to the required format. Did that and it worked like a charm. Even asked me to store the connection as a shortcut on the desktop. Really well designed software. Hard to believe it's free!
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