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Best 40"- 50" TV


Mar 28, 2016
Hi guys,
I'm looking for a Smart TV to watch movies and play some console games. My budget is 370$ (280.000 pesos).Brands i consider are LG, Samsung and TLC. There are 2 types of panel technology, IPS which has weaker contrast and VA which has better visuals. LG TVs suppossedly last longer and have better OS than Samsung, but the interface is bad in both. AFAIK Android TV is the best OS.
Considering this, which TV should I go for?


https://www.solotodo.cl/products/51339-samsung-un43nu7090 43” IPS Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/85572-samsung-un43tu7090gxzs 43” IPS Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/85571-samsung-un50tu7090gxzs 50” (>300k) VA Panel


https://www.solotodo.cl/products/64112-lg-43um7100psa 43” IPS Panel (white pixel issue)
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/80497-lg-43un7300psc 43” IPS Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/82028-lg-49un7100psa 49” IPS Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/79296-lg-50un7300psc 50” (>300k) VA Panel

TCL ( Android TV)

https://www.solotodo.cl/products/85719-tcl-40s65a 40" TN Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/85390-tcl-40s65 40 " TN Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/56132-tcl-40s6500 40 " VA Panel
https://www.solotodo.cl/products/86638-tcl-50p615 50 " VA Panel

Not sure if 4k will be really necesary or if Roku works well in my country. Chromecast seems like a better option.

Thanks for your help
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Jul 1, 2001
I can tell you that the 50" Samsung 4K display that you have listed is pretty good. I have some of those at my office (The 50" and 65" versions), and they look pretty good. The Tizen interface isn't half bad, but something tells me that Samsung won't support it for long and I'll find myself ordering a Roku for it soon.
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Aug 11, 2001
I would not consider Android TV the best OS AT ALL.

If it has any bugs, or slow processor, it'll slow to a crawl or lock up, and the other day when the power flickered on and off, every time i had to wait for android to boot which takes a dozen times as long as a less smart, regular TV.

My recent android tv, every few days I had to pull the wall plug to reset it, then turned off every setting I could find and now it seems to go a month between pulling the wall plug, but still a hassle to get behind it to do that.

I'm not so sure that LG TV's last longer, Samsung is also pretty good in this regard, and either are better than the 2nd tier brands.

I'd sooner trust a review site like https://www.rtings.com/ than reddit. I'd use an HDMI dongle for whatever smart features/interface you want and keep the TV built-in OS minimal, out of the equation as much as possible.
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