Belkin F5D5005 NIC won't do 1Gbps


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May 10, 2000
It used to. I had a WHS box which was an old (2002) Dell box. I got a newer old Dell box (2006) and I'm now using it. I backed up all data from old WHS and installed WHS (original version...Server 2003 based) fresh on this new Dell box. It's running fine as a server. A definite speed upgrade from the old one.

My problem is now my Belkin F5D5005 (v. 1000) gigabit NIC won't run a gigabit speeds. It used to in the old box but moving it to the new box gives me 10mbps max. If I look at Network Performance in Task Manager it shows the connection as being 1Gbps but when I move files to it I get the ridiculous slow speeds. I have 4 workstations and the WHS box backing them up and streaming HD movies to my Blu-ray player downstairs. The 4 workstations all have these sames cards and are all connected (as is the WHS box) to a D-Link gigabit 8 port switch. I can pass large files at gigabit speeds between all 4 workstations just fine, but any files coming or going to the server bog down to 10mbps.

And the other odd thing is that when I go into the Belkin driver settings to try and force 1Gbps instead of auto-negotiate, there is no choice for 1Gbps. The drop-down box shows the highest setting as 100Mbps full-duplex, even though Task Manager shows it as a gigabit connection. Weird.

I thought it might be the card or cable so I've swapped 3 different retail cables and another brand new Belkin card in the box with the same results.

Does anybody have a clue on this? Thanks in advance!