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Being way under system requirements - but still plays smooth


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Aug 28, 2001
I am still on a Q6600 quad core, 8GB RAM on WIN10 and previously with a Radeon 6850 I would have stuttering in PvZ Garden Warfare 2 immediately upon getting dropped into the "backyard" (starting area). The minimum requirements called for an i5 and 7730 card (r9 290 recommended) but I bought it anyway. The stuttering would last 30 seconds then I'd be able to play ok, at minimum graphics. One other thing, screen resolution no matter how high or low never seemed to affect performance...?

I recently only upgraded the GPU to a GTX 1060 and it's silky smooth at 1920x1200 with ultra settings and getting 30fps+ easy. The graphics card alone made a huge difference - can anyone explain this especially since my CPU is way under? Is the CPU really all that important - I'm planning to give Titanfall 2 a try and it calls for an i5-6600 and a 1060 minimum.


Sep 23, 2003
CPU is important, but definitely lower on the list. I think the fact that you're only getting 30's for the FPS shows the limitations, though. I bet with a proper supporting rig, a game like PVZ would run 60+ easy...


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Dec 15, 2015
CPU requirements are weird, I'd take a Q6600 over an i3 of a newer gen (though it'd prolly be surpassed by a skylake i3). Even the old Gen1 quad's were monsters (if inefficient). I used one up until a year ago or so? in the GF's computer and it was fine, had a decent vid card though.