Behold the downfall of a D-bag

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Feb 13, 2003
Someone linked this old thread which I had forgotten all about. But there's an update. The D-Bag from 8 years ago started up a company called Dragon Media which sold a streaming device, got sued by Netflix, Amazon and others for promoting piracy. He lost. His company had to pay $14.5 million and went out of business.

His life apparently continues to be a saga of FAIL.
Oh wow. You could tell that guy was a piece of shit from that whole Penny Arcade fiasco.
Mar 11, 2004
that's a low blow, bob loblaw
How so? I wasn't being critical, it really is a shame, and that's exactly what happens when dealing with mental illness, you're just trying to find how to survive life. And while a lot of people probably think the highs of fame and success would make things easy, its probably its own special hell because of the highs and lows. And for people with mental illness (that might be dealing with things like bipolar disorder) its probably very hard to deal with as its probably like a constant state of going between manic good states and debilitating normalness when your mind probably runs wild with doubt or people expect you to be "on" all the time. Trying to even out in that, yeah I can see it eating you alive. And people on the outside would have trouble fathoming that anything would even seem wrong.