Question Been waiting to build a new gaming rig, but not sure when the time is right

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Mar 10, 2007
I was planning on having a new PC built by the beginning of 2020, then at the end of 2020, but scalpers continually screwed up my plans and after hearing news back and fourth of "GPUs are in stock again!" to "scalpers bought everything again!", I just stopped paying attention.

Does anyone have any input on when would be the optimal time to start getting a new PC going? I haven't looked into new hardware in quite a long time and once the pandemic and scalpers started screwing with prices, I just figured I'd do some patchwork on my PC until everything settled down and now I feel like I'm way behind on keeping up with what's out, what's coming out, and where everything is supposed to be (price wise). I've been checking around Newegg and Amazon for pricing and so far everything looks fairly normal to me, but I always try to get as much advice from the tech experts before I jump into any high-dollar commitment. Any input is appreciated.

Edit: I had my script blockers on while browsing Newegg and for some reason, it wasn't showing availability and now that I disabled them, everything is still out of stock. Guess the scalper problem hasn't been resolved yet.

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Aug 25, 2001
Yeah, GPUs and AMD 5000-series CPUs are still being scalped. Heck, even AMD 3000-series CPUs aren't always in stock @ MSRP anymore. It's still pretty crazy out there.

How do you feel about mining? That might be the only way to get a decent GPU, is to over-pay and then mine on it for 6 months to make up the difference.

That, or keep your eyes peeled for a decent pre-built rig with an RTX 3070 or better in it.
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