Been to mass in Italy lately?


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Jun 7, 2001
Church requires a do-over for services held since 1998 :Q

Sep 12, 9:48 am ET

ROME (Reuters) - A church in central Italy may need reconsecrating after police discovered it had been the location for a pornographic film, Italian media reported Thursday.
The church of San Vicenzo's seedy past came to light when a local -- watching "Il Confessionale" ("The Confessional Box") -- recognized the spot. He called in the police who, on closer study of the movie, confirmed his suspicions.

The local priest said the film crew told him they were shooting a wedding scene in the church. But actually, a man dressed as a priest was filmed having sex with a woman playing the bride. The priest of nearby Gioia dei Marsi said that under canon (church) law the Bishop of Marsi, Lucio Renna, would have to re-bless all services held in San Vicenzo, east of Rome, since the film was shot in 1998.

Italian news agency ANSA quoted Renna as saying: "First we have to find out exactly what happened ... I have to speak with those involved and find out what went on and why."

At least it wasn't these two who caused the ruckus!


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Mar 31, 2003
hm. well, it appears the priest was decieved, but still was irresponsible in not overseeing them.

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Jun 4, 2001