Battlefield: Bad Company demo


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Mar 20, 2001
Anyone checking out this demo? I had forgotten that a demo was being released and happend to see it listed while I was checking on newly released movies in the XBLM.

The demo contains a cool little single player level and one multiplayer map.

I'm a longtime BF2 player as well as a PC FPSer, that transitioned to a 360 last October. I was a disappointed with the COD4 MP map sizes after playing BF2 for so long, so BF:BC is a welcome surprise.

The size of the maps is better than expected, but I'm disappointed with some of the gameplay aspects. No airplanes, but that was kind of expected. There are 2 seat helicopters, but no parachuting. WTH? That was a fun part of BF2; jumping into enemy territory for a surprise attack. Also, a player cannot go prone. Only stand or squat. Why would they get rid of prone? Kind of silly.

I also noticed that the M416, which is an HK416, incorrectly shows the ejector port on the left side of the rifle. Each time you fire the weapon, the port cover opens, then quickly closes. Huh? So even though that wrong, DICE then doesn't have animate an ejecting spent round casing. Who was the genius that did that? Whatever. But the small details are noticed and do count.

It's fun mowing down trees with a heavy MG and blowing holes in walls.


Oct 24, 2000
I wrote about this in the other thread (about both this and Civ demos being released) but it was more Civ focused, so I'll add it here also. The feel of the game, for me, is off. I dont know how to explain it... but the game controls just don't feel right. I'm not sure why they decided to make the default gas pedal the left trigger, and the default brake the right... That brake doesn't even make the vehicles go in reverse like basically every other game that has driving in it.

The trees, when they fall over, appear to always fall over the exact same way. I like blowing holes in buildings... but the SP part of the game (which I'd personally probably focus on more) seems a bit lax. I was with them at the beginning of the demo level, ok misfits go into this squad... but then its like you and three other guys doing all the work... then come across mercs instead of who you thought you were supposed to be fighting. Almost seems like a way to keep any political issues out of the game (you know, the safe route... a non-descript enemy). OMG RUSSIANS!

Anyways, I dont think I'll be getting it.


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Jun 12, 2006
I played online for about 45 minutes Thursday. I didnt really like it. It seemed like I was putting whole magazines into guys before they dropped, which makes Juggernaut in COD look realistic. I don't know though, I might give it another chance