How To COD games crapping out on launch


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Apr 8, 2005
There are two games on that I have recently not had much luck launching and these are COD Vanguard and Black Ops Coldwar.
Is it the's server issue or its games buggy?
As soon as the game launches and it then appears to be doing some update or shader compiling then crap out back to desktop.
My other Steam COD games or none of other games have not this issue at all.
My rig's spec in my signature,
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Sep 13, 2008
I am not sure, personally I have not played BOCW in some time, and I didn't buy Vanguard, though I played when it was free a bit. I have played Warzone/MW recently, and generally it works of for me, but they do like to restart for updates at times. Yeah the game can be a bit buggy. But if you are constantly crashing a lot when compiling shaders, I wonder if there is a hardware issue or software corruption you need to fix.

What are your system specs? It is likely helpful to have newer, more demanding games on SSD, as opposed to a storage spinner.

Also, good news, the next COD MW will be on steam as well.