Basic setup question w/Motherboard/CPU


Junior Member
Sep 13, 2001
I just bought an ABIT KG7-R 266FSB motherboard + 1.4GHz processor, and I'm trying to figure out the appropriate
BIOS settings. When I boot, it just starts up at 1GHz, so I figure I have to manually adjust the CPU settings.

In the user defined part of the menu, what would be the correct Multipllier and CPU FSB clock?
I figure 10.5x multiplier, with 133MHz clock. Is this correct?

You can set the FSB rate to 3:3:1 or 4:4:1, the default is 3:3:1 which I guess I should leave.

Thanks alot, I just don't want to set something too high and screw up my system. I've tried looking for more of
a detailed description of how these settings work, but I've come up empty. The ABit manual is better than most, but
still leaves me somewhat clueless.