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Barebones HP DL360 G7 Server - Remote Video Editing Rig


Sep 28, 2018
So I'm working on building an HP DL360 G7, a dual LGA 1366 based server. I currently have it setup with dual Intel Xeon E5645 CPUs. So far I've spent:

$5 - Barebones HP DL360 G7
$20 - Matching Intel Xeon E5645

Since I will be building a dedicated NAS, I'm not sure I need a ton of space for editing projects, I was thinking maybe a couple of 500GB 7200 RPM disk drives in a RAID 1 or if necessary use SSDs. Thoughts on this would be great.

Also any other suggestions on hardware for this server would be great.

This is as much of a learning experience for me as it is a hobby for me to figure this out also the end product will allow me to free up my primary computer, a Dell T3500 for other things. So please don't tell me I am wasting me time. it won't deter me from doing this.



Junior Member
Apr 3, 2019
I don't think this machine you are building would be a good fit for video editing. But it could certainly be a good home lab base. Run a hypervisor and install some virtual machines for different purposes or spin up an linux os and run some docker containers would be a good idea to me.