Barebones Computer - $1500

Oct 11, 2007
I am trying to piece together the parts that I would want to order through Ibuypower or Cyberpower to assemble and get the best deal on others. For a price range of $1000 - $1500 on the barebones kit, what should come with it and could you name the specific parts, i.e. Intel I7 - 5800. This will be a gaming computer that will be used on FPS and strategy games so a good CPU and video card are needed.

Barebones Kit
CPU - Intel
Motherboard - designed to handle latest SSD on PCIe to avoid bottleneck (or is it worth it yet?)
Mid (or Large?) tower for liquid cooling
Liquid cooling (120mm or 240?)
Power Supply

Best price parts - Have Amazon gift cards to burn
Video Card - Nvidia 970 x1
SSD - compatible with PCIe slot (see MB note); ~500 GB
Use existing 24" monitor
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