Baldur's Gate III Rises from the ashes of neglect


Jun 23, 2001

So its not an official BG3, but it bares watching none the less. :)

Q: What is The Black Hound?

A: It is a new unofficial campaign module for Obsidian Entertainment's Neverwinter Nights 2 roleplaying game. The module's author is Josh (J.E.) Sawyer, currently employed by Obsidian as a lead designer, and formerly the lead designer of Icewind Dale 2 and two unannounced (and canceled) Black Isle projects - Baldur's Gate 3 and Fallout 3.

Q: What is The Black Hound all about?

A: The game's leitmotif is "You cannot kill guilt." Essentially, the game deals with a number of events associated with guilt, loss, and vengeance, and characters that got entangled in those events. The game should be very character-driven, and choices made by the player as the protagonist will have a real meaning in the game world.


Q: How many people are working on the project?

A: Currently, just one - J.E. Sawyer. To be fair, though, the project has a number of resources to draw on - design documents, concept art, etc - that were created by the now-defunct Black Isle Studios, role-playing division of Interplay. Some of the people who were involved in Project Jefferson at that time include Chris Parker, Vance Kovacs, Dave Maldonado, Chris Avellone, Sean K. Reynolds, and Brian Menze.


Q: Who is this J.E. Sawyer guy, anyway?

A: Josh (J.E.) Sawyer is a game designer currently employed by Obsidian Entertainment, makers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2. He is currently leading the design team for an Alien-based role-playing game which Obsidian is developing in cooperation with Sega. You can learn more about Josh on Wikipedia and Moby Games.


Last update: January 10, 2007

Q: What is the setting of The Black Hound?

A: The game is set in the Dalelands region of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. More specifically, most of the game should take part in three of the Dales - Archendale, Deepingdale, and Battledale. Forgotten Realms is probably the best-known of all D&D settings, and it's already hosted dozens of computer RPGs - from the old Gold Box series, to Baldur's Gate and its sequels, both Icewind Dale titles, and, of course, Neverwinter Nights and its recent successor. It is worth noting, however, that this will be the first game set in the very popular Dalelands region.


Last update: January 10, 2007

Q: Is The Black Hound a sequel to Baldur's Gate?

A: No. Before the project was canceled at Black Isle, the game's "official" (though never formally announced) name was Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound; the only reason for this was because, at the time, Interplay had the rights to publish only those D&D games that contained the names "Baldur's Gate" and "Icewind Dale" in their titles (hence the unrelated Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance console games).

Q: What is the connection between Icewind Dale and The Black Hound?

A: Other than Sawyer being the lead designer? There are supposed to be some recurring NPCs, most notably one particular female gnome joinable NPC. Other than that, the game is set in a completely different region and in a completely different time frame.


Last update: January 17, 2007


Q: What rule system does The Black Hound use?

A: The same rule system as Neverwinter Nights 2: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition. One known difference between the rules used in TBH and the official NWN2 campaign is that you will not be able to play a warlock in TBH.


Q: Does The Black Hound have a level cap?

A: Yes. The maximum character level you will be able to reach is level 8. In terms of experience, that's 28,000 XP.


Q: Why is the level cap so low?

A: The Black Hound was originally planned as the first game in a trilogy, which is why it was designed to work for low-level characters.


Q: Why is the warlock class not available?

A: This is currently unknown, although author's personal bias may have something to do with it.


Q: Can I play an evil character?

A: Yes. You can play a monstrous psychopath (if you are so inclined) and still "win" the game.

Reputation, Influence, and Factions

Although these aspects of the game technically belong in the Gameplay section above, their complexity demands that they should have a separate section all to themselves. Coming soon!

Non-Player Characters

Last update: January 17, 2007


Here's a list of known non-player characters in the game. The list may be expanded to contain more details in the future. Some of the listed NPCs will be able to join the Protagonist as party members.


Edward Raith

Ferran Pilot



Maralie Fiddlebender

May Farrow

Pieter Alleman

Shikah Lilah
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