Question Backup/Restore an old program and supporting files to make it run on a new machine?


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Dec 14, 2000
I purchased some software years ago which stopped being updated/supported/made/distributed not too terribly long after. I'm guessing over a dozen years ago.

My old machine was built with Vista, my new computer is windows 10.

I've never been great with backups. I tend to keep things a LONG time.. a true dinosaur.. and when I do get forced to change/update because of something going bad, my backup and restore is basically just directories of photos/music/excel files, etc.. copied to other drives - but never a "full" backup or drive cloning or whatever.

I'm wondering if there is anything that would allow me to backup this software, including whatever files and locations it needs to run and get it to work on the newer machine..

I've checked everything, I don't have anything like install disks, a setup file or anything else related.

Thanks in advance for any all tips/ideas!


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May 6, 2012
Unless it's some really specialised software, you may be able to find an installer with some googling. You could also try an appeal on various forums, social media etc. Someone may just have what you need.

As for licensing, that'll depend on the program in question. You can try running the various keyfinder programs for a start. You may just get lucky.

I try to keep old installers around for this reason. You never know when they might come in handy, and storage is cheap these days.

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