Backup program is locking my DVD drive


Jun 2, 2000
Secondary Master IDE: Lite-on DVD-ROM drive
Secondary Slave IDE: Lite-on 8x DVD burner

I've recently started using a backup program called Genie Backup Manager to backup some data to a DVD+RW disc on a nightly basis. The program runs nightly at 4:00AM and it does a full backup everynight (overwrites the previous backup).

The problem I've found is the program locks my DVD-ROM drive for some reason. The backup works just fine, but the next morning, I can't access the DVD-ROM drive at all. Pushing the eject button on the front doesn nothing and choosing Eject from Windows Explorer does nothing. The DVD burner doesn't have this problem.

Oddly enough, I can load DVD Decrypter and the drive responds to the eject command. Once I've done this, then pushing the Eject button on the drive works fine.

I know it's the backup program that is doing it, because if it doesn't run, the drive works fine. If the backup completes, the drive is locked.

Using the DVD Decrypter method is fine, but is there another way to unlock the drive? I've tried changing settings in the backup program, but nothing seems to work.