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baby bath seats


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Nov 15, 1999
Talking about a few irresponsible people ruining it for the rest of us: possible ban on baby bath seats. If such a small percentage of people can't deal with the product correctly, why should we have to ban its use for everyone. Its like banning cars due to DUIs. (Probably has a smaller percentage of deaths than DUIs.)


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Apr 6, 2001
This is more of an issue of poor parenting than a dangerous product. I used baby bath seats with both of my kids, but I never once left them alone in the tub. I always thought the seats were great because my babies could play in the tub without the worry of slipping and bumping their heads. But a mother who leaves their children alone whether they are using a seat or not is plain irresponsible. It breaks my heart to think about a poor child drowning because of a mother's failure to properly supervise a bath. :(


Mar 1, 2001
What needs to be done is prosecute the morons that would leave the child unattended in the tub---there are laws for negligent homocide aren't there? Consumer Federation of America---what a joke.

<<But former CPSC member Carol Dawson, now a member of a group called Consumer Alert that monitors the growth of government regulation, counters:
&quot;I think the overall issue here is how safe can a product be? Is there a risk in banning a product that is used for convenience, and exposing consumers to even greater risk -- that is, bathing their babies without them -- may lead to drowning more often than bathing their children with them.&quot; >>

at least somebody is actually doing some thinking.


Total Refected Power

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Oct 13, 1999
Water and kids don't mix. If the product gives a false sense of security to parents who may not be as intelligent as some of you than pull it. It is not the child's fault that there parents make a mistake!!