Question B460 vs H470 for intel 10th gen, mini ITX build


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Sep 9, 2008
I am planning to upgrade my itx rig and where I am at, these two mobos are Asus ROG Strix B460 I Gaming or Gigabyte H470I Aorus Pro AX (both of these has two M.2 slots which is nice as I won't have to deal with sata cables). I will pair it with a 10700 non K (ryzens are just too expensive where I'm at.. This is 15% cheaper than a 3700x and 25% cheaper than a 5600x).

My questions / thoughts on B460 vs H470 are the following:
1. I understand that H470 will support rocket lake... This might be a factor depending on rocket lake's performance uplift.
2. I am not too familiar with PCIe lanes and the limitations they bring. I know that B460 has 16 and H470 has 20... Does this mean that if I have 2 NVMe drives + a video card then:

B460 will operate at 8 (video card) + 4 (nvme drive 1) + 4 (nvme drive 2)? This depends I guess on the nvme drive I will choose. But in any way, the video card will never see 16 lanes if I use an NVMe drive. Correct me if I am wrong.

H470 can operate at either 16 +4 + 2 OR 8 + 4 + 4 as well? again depending on the nvme drives. Does 8 vs 16 lanes for the video card matter anyway? I will reuse my 5700xt for this build.

Given that I plan to use a discreet video card and possibly 2 nvme drives (as a capacity upgrade option in the future), how big of a deal is the 16 vs 20 lanes of PCIe for those two boards? The price difference between those two boards is about $35 (which can probably go to an aftermarket cooler...)

3. I have not yet found any in depth reviews of those two specific mobos but I would presume that both can handle a 10700 no problem especially with regards to the VRM circuitry is that correct?



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Apr 25, 2015
In two weeks you will get B560 MoBos, with Memory overclocking support, and full 10th gen and 11th gen Intel CPU support.

The prices on new B560 MoBos will be similar to last gen, B460 mobos.

Asus has extremely good mITX MoBo: B560-i ROG Strix
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