AX-478 Quick questions


Feb 13, 2002
I'm getting ready to set up my new system with a P4 2.26 and the Thermalright AX-478 with the 50cfm Sunon Fan(I don't want a vacuum cleaner for a PC :) ). Anyway I just wanted to ask two quick questions sinc eI figure others have already figured this out and thus save me time:

1) The instructions recommend a Blow configuration for the fan on the heatsink. Has anyone gotten better results by sucking the air away from the HSF instead?

2) I've read elsewhere that when puttin gdown my ASIII for this heatsink, since the surface of the AX-478 is pretty much mirror smooth, that I should put on just slightly less than the paper thin quantity that you usually use for optimal temps. Just wanted to confirm this one before I put on too little :)

Thanks guys



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Oct 9, 1999
I have the AMD version but the idea is still the same. Others results may vary but I'e gotten far better results when having the fan blow into the heatsink.

As for applying compound, I've found a litte more than paper thin works best. I suggest you read these instructions. ;)

Zim Hosein

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Nov 27, 1999
SolrFlare24, blade is correct having the fan in a "blow" config works better [I have the AX-7 for Athlon XP chips]. As for the amount of AS3, just follow the instructions on their website and take your time. Hope this helps :)