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Jan 23, 2001
Originally posted by: FeuerFrei
Maybe Portugal's population has decreased 10% in the last 8 years as well, and thus percentage of the population using drugs is unchanged.

But perhaps the news agency is looking for data to support their pro-drug leanings and so chose to report a decrease that wasn't really a decrease.

So the report is meaningless until you know more details.

Ah I love this stance, every pro drug number is fucked beyond belief and any anti drug number is a flawless diamond of perfection that is never to be questioned.


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Oct 23, 2002
Originally posted by: DivideBYZero
Originally posted by: Gamingphreek
Originally posted by: TechBoyJK
Originally posted by: Gamingphreek
I have a friend who is happily married with a five year old son. He smokes daily, with his son in the house. He doesn't smoke ALOT though. Puffs, here and there. He makes about $70,000 a year as a network tech, has full insurance benefits, and about $100,000 in his savings account.

His son is like the smartest kid in his class. His marriage is going great. He's very happy.

I'd rather have my kids over with him, then with a family that drinks beer all day.

I would allow a child of mine over to either house.

Not only is he breaking the law, but, in that, he is neglecting the health and well being of the child.


Everything is just black and white with you isn't it? No color in your judgement I see.

He's breaking a barbaric law. One that should be repealled. It's bad because it's illegal right? It's illegal because it's bad?

How is he neglecting the health and well being of the child? By smoking mj around him? I don't believe that, because I know the truth. He isn't subjecting the child to a smoke filled room. He does however, make sure his kid gets a proper diet, goes to bed ontime, does his homework, gets excercise, etc. He's actually one hell of a father. But you discount him due to ignorance.

(In response to bolded part) Thats good, that is pretty much expected of parents. Now if he would stop doing drugs in front of a child that would be responsible -- unless, of course, teaching his child that drugs and breaking the law are A-OK.

Yes it is black and white. If something is illegal, it is illegal. There are no if's, and's or but's about it. Illegal is illegal.


The same people that allow this sort of blind faith in authority to rule them that allow totalitarian regimes to own them.

but its teh law!1