Avid Hardware Help


Aug 18, 2004
Avid Xpress DV 3.5 is one of the more advanced video editing software out there. I wanted to assemble a system that can work well with Avid:

Intel Northwood 3.0 GHZ with HyperThreading
Intel 875P chipset with ICH6 southbridge
GIGABYTE "GA-8IK1100" i875P motherboard
1GB dual channel pc3200 ddr RAM (2x512)
Video Card: ??????????????????

I first thought about the Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. But then I realized that optimized systems for Avid from vendors such as Dell and Alienware would bundle nVidia Quadro FX 3400 cards, which sell for a whopping $1200 bucks. I know that is PCI Express, but I was looking for something around $200. Then I searched for other 2-DVI cards and found the MATROX P750 Video Card, 64MB DDR, 128-bit, Dual DVI, 8X AGP, Model "P750". But the 64MB concerns me. I do play the occasional graphic intensive game. So, in short, does the Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro have enough power to run Avid smoothly? Also, would you suggest a PCI DVI output card to set up dual screen? Or would the results not be worth the price? Thanks

Akash S.

P.S. Do the Quadro FX series have some other advantage over the regular Nvidia products? Are the Quadro FX series of higher integrity??? What makes the Quadro FX 3400 so expensive???


Dec 30, 2003
Usually, video editing workstations have at least one computer monitor, and a TV monitor. You really want to see what your video looks like on a TV, instead of another computer monitor. Maybe you can find a dual head video card that also includes a TV output that will display the Avid preview window to an NTSC TV.


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Jan 24, 2002
The Quadro range of cards just have some xtra features turned on compared to "normal" FX cards. These mainly have use in 3D modeling world. Also the FX cards have ISP certification which costs a lot, hence the higher price. They offer no advantages for video editing AFAIK. Just overall higher/tested quality of all components, certifications to all different progs, some xtra features, certified drivers...

All high end Ati cards/ nVidia FX cards will suit you fine. I have an FX 5900Ultra/ 256Mb/ VIVO by Terratec myself, and I have been very pleased with it. It also works very nicely with Avid.