Aussie's I need your help!


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Oct 9, 1999
I have a penpal from Australia send me a programme from the Australian Grand Prix. She sent it out a week ago and it's already here...can't believe it was so fast. But damn it cost a lot - $16 for post...or so it seems. How much is that American or Canadian?

I want to send her something back in return to say thanks, but I just wanted to know if anybody's ever received a package from Canada. I'm not sure how long it will take but I don't want it to take too long because she's only in Oz for university and that will be wrapping up soon I think. How long did it take for you to receive a package from Canada by standard mail (i.e. not FedEX)?

Thanks in advance!



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Oct 11, 1999
If it cost US$16 that would be equivelent of AUS$32, or if it cost AUS$16 to send then that would be about US$8 (our exchange rate sucks!:()

Edit: More info on what currency those $$ where in would have been helpful :)